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Authors looking for guest post opportunities are always welcome at our blog to do multiple articles. Our guest bloggers include a wide range of writers from blog owners, web design companies, mobile app developers and freelance content creators.

If you’d like to write and submit a guest post to FromDev.com for getting published, that’s awesome.

We offer a wide range of topics on web development. The topics of our interest include but are not limited to

General Topics

  • Technology tutorials & tips useful for web developers.
  • Technical book recommendation and free book resources.
  • Ethical Hacking tutorials, tools and resources.
  • Information Security tutorials, tips and tools.
  • Programming, design and architecture related articles.
  • Open Source tools & frameworks.
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning and Artificial inteligence
  • Crypto Currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more
  • Big data computing including Hadoop, map reduce and more.
  • Free learning resources on web.
  • Google apps tutorials, Google drive tips, gmail tips and more.
  • Startup, Business and Self Improvement
  • Gadgets and Accessories for technology lovers.
  • Productivity tools and tips.
  • Helpful tools and resources for web master.

Web development Topics

  • Programming Language related articles including Java, Scala, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js and more.
  • eCommerce Platforms related articles including (Magento, Drupal, Joomla and more)
  • SQL, Oracle, MySQL and other relational databases.
  • NoSQL databases including MongoDB, Neo4j, Couchbase and more.
  • Linux topics.

Web Design Topics

  • Photoshop tips and tutorials.
  • Useful Resources for Themes, Templates, Images and Wallpapers.
  • Responsive design.
  • Usability tips.

Mobile Development Topics

  • Android Tutorials and resources.
  • iOS, iPhone, iPad Tutorials & resources.
  • Useful apps on Android or iOS devices.
  • Tips for mobile development.
Email us using Contact Form – (Select Subject “Do A Guest post”) In your email, please mention the topic you would be interested to do a guest post. We try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient. Some days can be really busy, and we can’t always reply as quickly as we’d like. But we will reply and let you know as soon as possible.

Why Do Guest Post On Fromdev.com

Guest Blogging is one of the fastest, cheapest and quality ways to market your website or blog. SEO Experts say,

Google trust less spam and more quality content on sites.

And for getting better traffic from google you need more back links to your website. Guest posting is the best solution to both Google’s desire and your needs. It is the perfect mix of quality content development and link building.

We Offer Short Bio for Back link to your site on Post

Provide short description of who you are, and a link to your site or blog. This will be displayed on your guest post. We DO NOT allow in content links and keyword based link on the guest posts. Many times we combine multiple articles by different authors and provide credit to all authors in author bio section. This is done to improve the quality of articles and we can update articles for as many authors as we see a value add to article. On the other hand, we do offer several advertising options. For more details on advertising options please Contact us using Contact Form – (Select Subject “Advertise on FromDev.com“)

Write For Us and Get Paid – Monetize Your Technical Writing Skills

As a Fromdev guest author you can also make money using our Revenue Sharing Program. To Join the Revenue sharing program Contact us using Contact Form – (Select Subject “Join Revenue Sharing Program”) with your skills and a link to your blog. Please read our Revenue Sharing Policy before applying for this program.

We believe in long term relation

The Guest posting at our blog is a long term bonding and builds relationships with other bloggers and site owner. Blog owners contribute a large percentage of conversations on the web. Any guest post and related author become our social partners as well, and we promote each other using social media. We do following type of promotion for our guest posts and respective author sites –

  • Follow and Tweet/Retweet it on Twitter
  • Share it on Facebook Page
  • Share it on LinkedIn Page
Before you write and submit your post, please read the following guidelines for best results from your guest post:

We try to maintain quality standards on our posts

  • The post should be in context of our blog topic.
  • The article must contain at least two in content links to articles already published on Fromdev.com (Make use of our search feature to find an appropriate article).
  • The article must contain an introduction section that drives interest of the reader.
  • Most of the articles on our blog are 1000+ words, therefore any article less than 1000 words may get rejected.
  • The article must contain a conclusion or summary.
  • We accept only posts that contain good grammar or punctuation.
  • We accept only posts with NO PLAGIARISM, all posts need to be absolutely unique and checked with Copyscape.com before submission.
  • We won’t accept article spinner generated posts. Though these post may pass copyscape we do not like to publish duplicate or spin content on our blog.
  • We won’t accept single product reviews or article full of marketing buzzwords and link for one site/product.

Make the Posts Useful for our readers

Our readers trust us to provide useful, practical, helpful, actionable information that brings them significant benefits.

  • We love list posts. Make a list post of some really useful tools you have found productive. Be Honest in your opinion. Please do not advertise your own product as part of list post.
  • Are you a web developer? Did you use some tools or techniques which helped you save time? You write about it and help others.
  • Do you know how to program in a framework, library or open source tools? Write a simple tutorial on it.
  • Are there any tips, tricks and tactics you apply that has improved your software development. Tell us.

Write a Unique Article

We like the content which is different, fresh, or that presents a new angle on old topics.

  • Be creative. There are plenty of posts on web development related topics – how can you present the same in a creative and different way that gets people paying attention?
  • Innovate. Think of ideas that haven’t been covered yet on web technology area. Say something new. Notice what everyone’s doing – and find out what they’re not doing.
  • Be original and unique. Go through our archives to find what we haven’t written about yet. Take an opposing stance to one of our opinions. Challenge us and challenge our members with a different perspective or idea.
    We like interesting posts.

Its important to have a well-written post for best results

  • Make sure you Use good structure and formatting.
  • Do spell check and ensure good grammar.

How To Submit Article

Follow these simple steps to submit article for review.

  • Format the article as shown in image below.
    A sample of guest article to be submitted at fromdev.com
  • Attach all images separately. Do not embed them in document since we need high quality images.
  • Send your posts in Word format or plain text.

Article Publishing Time

We have several dozens of guest post coming every month and our publishing time vary based on volume. We try to publish articles as fast as possible. For faster publishing check our Priority Queue Guest Post Option.

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Terms and Conditions

We DONOT accept casino/gambling and adult website links. You must accept our Terms and Conditions for publishing post as a guest writer. So what are you waiting for? Do a Guest post for us.