Revenue Sharing Policy For Guest Writers on Fromdev

FromDev offers a shared revenue platform for technical writers. We share 50% of earned revenue with our writers.

As a Guest Writer at FromDev you can contribute articles to the technology community as well as earn money.

You need to provide us the necessary information to display your own advertisements on the article you write. Google AdSense, and are easily integrated with us.

Note: You will NOT receive any direct revenue from will solely provide the infrastructure so that your advertisements appear on the our website. It is your responsibility to appropriately set up the billing information with the third party provider (e.g. Google).

Revenue sharing program does not guarantee your earnings. Your income is solely dependent on your writing skills and popularity of content. Specifically your success in driving traffic to your articles. For this reason, I request you to gain some basic knowledge regarding copyrighting and keyword research. Our Guest Post guidelines should also help you speed up on becoming a successful author at fromdev.

To join the program you must accept our Terms and Conditions