Guest Author Priority Queue – Faster Publishing Time

We are seeing a high volume of guest author contribution on in recent past. This is making it difficult to publish article on time. Many authors are waiting for several weeks before their article goes live. We do not like our loyal author to keep waiting so long, however the volume of guest articles is difficult to maintain. Therefore we are trying to reduce the publishing time by all means.

Priority Queue

To ease the pain of guest authors & avoid this problem we have started the guest author Priority queue. A guest author priority queue will have less waiting time as compared to normal guest post queue.

Publishing time in Priority Queue

For Priority queue article publishing time will be around 0-2 weeks depending on level in queue, the article quality and size.

Levels in Priority Queue

We have three levels in priority queue.

  • Level 1 Publishing Time – 3 to 5 business days (1 week)
  • Level 2 Publishing Time – 5 to 7 business days (1.5 weeks)
  • Level 3 Publishing Time – 7 to 10 business days (2 weeks)

How To Be Part Of Priority Queue

You can be a Priority Queue guest author based on any of the below criteria.

Paid Guest Article (Level 1)

You can sponsor the article by paying $10. The payment will guarantee your placement in Priority queue. Please keep in mind that paid guest article will have author bio section that can link to your desired site. All guest posting guidelines are applicable.

Help Us Grow (Level 2)

You can qualify for this level for helping us grow in below ways.

  • Do you have a technology website or blog that can link to us? Awesome, mention any of our article or home page on your website and we will be glad to place your article in Priority queue.
  • Write guest post for our sister sites. If you contribute two (or more) guest post articles (one of each of our site) we will publish them faster. Ask for site details and topic suggestion in contact email. 

Show Your Love To Publish One Article (Level 3)


Not in Priority Queuue

If your guest post is not qualified for priority queue it will take longer time to publish. Typically 4-6 weeks, however it may vary based on volume.

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We hope this system will help us improve the waiting time of guest post publishing in future. If you have a feedback or suggestion please feel free to recommend to us. Thanks for your value contributions to