Vinyl Stickers: Printing Your Own vs. Ordering Online – A Time and Money Investment Comparison

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Vinyl Stickers: Printing Your Own vs. Ordering Online - A Time and Money Investment Comparison

If you want your products to sell, you need to spend time getting your packaging right. One of the simplest and best ways of ensuring your branding, logo, and relevant information is included on your products is to use vinyl stickers.

You can either buy a sticker maker machine or you can go with a third party and order your stickers online.

To weigh up which is the best option, you’ll need to consider both the time and the cost that it takes to produce vinyl stickers using those two methods.

Printing Your Own Vinyl Stickers

You’ll find multiple sticker-making machines on the market. Some of the best ones include the Silhouette Cameo 4, the Cricut Explore Air 2, and the Brother ScanNCut 2.

Before looking at the cost of those and how the cost compares to ordering vinyl stickers online, let’s consider the time it takes to produce stickers with sticker-making machines.

How quick and adept you are at creating designs, printing out stickers, and cutting out the stickers will determine how long the process takes.

The first step is to create your designs via software. That alone can take time. You can import existing designs, but if you’re using vinyl stickers for products, you’re sure to want to create unique designs.

You’ll also want to find ways to increase your product visibility on Amazon and other platforms.

Once the designs are complete, you can use a suitable machine to print them out and cut them. However, vinyl sticker cutting machines can’t do everything. After you load the design, feed in the roll, and print out your stickers, you’ll need to weed the cuts.

Wedding refers to removing all of the unwanted waste vinyl from the backing sheet. For instance, if your stickers say the word “sale,” you would have to remove the spaces in the letters “a” and “e.”

You’ll need to be careful when removing spaces, and you’ll probably need to use tweezers and a fine blade to ensure the removal is a success and you don’t damage the sticker.

If you’re printing out sticker designs with lots of fine details, removing delicate areas can become even more tricky.

The Cost of Sticker-Making Machines

In addition to the time factor, you need to consider the costs of the machines.

For the three sticker-making machines mentioned above, the prices are as follows:

  • Silhouette Cameo 4: The current price for this machine on Amazon is $329.99.
  • Cricut Explore Air 2: The current price for this machine on Amazon is $235.95.
  • Brother ScanNCut 2: The current price for this machine on Amazon is $670.79.

Ordering Online

Rather than spending the time and money on a vinyl sticker machine, you can always upload or create your own designs on StickerYou.The cutting is done for you, so you won’t have to spend any time on your stickers once they arrive. The only thing you need to spend time with is creating the design, which you would still need to do if you used a sticker machine.

In terms of time, you will certainly save a lot of time if you order your vinyl stickers online.


The Cost of Ordering Online

The precise price of ordering stickers online depends on the size of the stickers and the number of stickers you order.

To give you an idea, on StickerYou, twenty two-inch-square vinyl stickers would cost only $11.99. If you buy in bulk, you can save more. For instance, one hundred stickers would cost $40.10 and 1,000 stickers would cost $170.

So, determine how many stickers you need and how long it would take to print and cut them out using a sticker-making machine, to decide whether it’s better to print your own vinyl stickers or order them online.

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