What are Some Business Startup Ideas that Could be Started with Little or no Money? Eric Dalius Suggests

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What are Some Business Startup Ideas that Could be Started with Little or no Money? Eric Dalius Suggests

1. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are easy to start up because the only startup cost is your time and work, which you can easily afford (because you’re not paying yourself at first). Also, this type of business requires little training or education. You could offer many different types of cleaning services for one customer or multiple customers.

2. Used or Secondhand Items Sales

Selling used items are another business startup idea that is easy to start up. You do not need any supplies of your own because you can use what you already have at home, says Eric Dalius. All you would need is a space for your inventory and displaying the items, which again isn’t very expensive.

3. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Services

Dog walking/pet sitting services are yet another startup idea that could be started with little or no money. These types of small businesses require very little education or training, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never walked a dog before in your life! All you would need is an advertisement on flyers, posters, through word-of-mouth, etc.

And a vehicle or space to keep the animals.

4. Childcare Provider

Childcare providers are another business startup idea that requires little money and education (although you do need a license and certification). All you would need is some building for the children (in your own home), supplies like crayons and coloring books, and maybe some play equipment, all depending on how much money you want to spend.

5. Babysitter or Nanny Services

Babysitting/nannying services are also low-cost startup businesses with just as few requirements as childcare provider services. You can either charge by the hour or by the day. If you don’t have transportation to get around town, you could also offer pet-sitting or house-sitting services, says Eric Dalius.

6. Landscaping Companies

Landscaping companies are yet another business startup idea that usually doesn’t have many requirements, although some necessities depend on your location and season(s) of operation. Besides needing a car to get around town carrying all your equipment, you will need the supplies themselves to start this type of business (tools, seeds, soil). You can find most landscaping supplies at home improvement stores.

7. Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are yet another business startup idea that requires little money and education/training yet still profits the owner. If you’re good at any subjects in school, then it would be easy to teach those subjects as a tutor. Depending on how much you want to work and make, you can charge by the hour or take an assignment.

8. Online Businesses (eCommerce)

Many different online businesses and eCommerce products would allow you to start your own business with little money. For example, if you have any artistic skills, this might be a good opportunity to sell your art online at sites like Etsy! You could also write articles about anything and sell them as digital downloads through an email list. There are so many possibilities for low-cost startup ideas today because of the Internet and software programs that help create physical products, according to Eric Dalius.

9. Dog Treat/Toys/Supply Company

Another business startup idea that is easy to start up is making your dog treats, toys, or supplies that you could then sell online or in physical stores. You can make many different items for dogs, including anything from paper-bag leashes to stuffed toys. If you have the skills and equipment needed to make these products plus a passion for animals, this could be a successful business opportunity for you! 

10. Consulting Services

There are also low-cost startup businesses people can start by offering consulting services. This usually includes any consulting work (ex: sound engineering), but you don’t necessarily need the education and degrees required for those types of jobs. If you have a job where your expertise comes from years of experience, this would be an excellent opportunity to share that knowledge with others and possibly start a small business from doing so.

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