What are XQD cards and their top uses in the industry?

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What are XQD cards and their top uses in the industry?

XQD is a media card format that is used in electronic devices to store and access data. It is nothing different than a normal storage card which we use on our mobile phones. While the CompactFlash cards have been the traditional choice, the XQD cards have an edge in speed and their working. It also differs in size, with an XQD card being smaller than a CompactFlash one. These cards are claimed to be quicker, sturdier, and durable than their counterparts. While their use is yet to spread to our daily lives, they have already become a top choice in professional cameras. Let’s look over the top benefits of XQD cards over other memory formats

  • Speed: The reading and writing speeds of XQD cards are their selling point. They can easily offer a 400MB/s upper writing speed, which is much higher than their counterparts. For example, an SD card maxes at 250MB/s. This high speed is a significant benefit for photographers and other media professionals who need quick reading and writing. That’s why XQD cards are popular among professional cameramen and videographers.
  • Storage Size: The storage size of a media card is a crucial factor. XQD cards are already available in a 1 TB variant and will soon have a 2 TB variant too. This storage size is huge compared to other cards, making the XQD card format a top choice for storage size. Also, the medium storage sizes starting from 32GB are available too for users. The diversity in storage ranges makes XQD cards an easy pick when you need high speeds and extensive storage.
  • Strength and Durability: Another major feature of XQD cards is that they’re claimed to be anti-static, shockproof, and magnet proof too. Manufacturers have made them more robust by providing an extra shell layer for strength. This helps prevent breakage and ensures that the cards survive harsh conditions too. Also, these cards are designed for long usage without any fail. You can use them in harsh weather conditions without worrying.

The XQD card format is certainly a top choice because of these factors. With higher speed, more storage, and better protection, there’s no reason not to buy them. Furthermore, even if the break is corrupt due to some conditions, you can easily get back the data by hiring a professional data recovery company. They would quickly assess the situation and retrieve your files from the card if there’s a corruption case due to a virus or failure due to physical force.

These are the industries that frequently use XQD cards over other formats:

  • Sports Videography and Shooting: Photographers who shoot and record those matches in a high quality seldom use XQD cards. This is because they offer higher speed than other formats, which is crucial in a high-resolution recording. Sports videography is a major industry where XQD cards are a popular choice.
  • Wildlife Photography: Wildlife photographers need quick results when they see an animal in the wild. The XQD cards achieve this easily with phenomenal read and write speeds. This helps those photographers capture pictures in the wild and get those high-quality results.
  • Photojournalism: Journalists also require huge storage and fast speeds to shoot on the site. XQD cards allow their cameras to capture bursts of pictures without fail quickly. This helps them to catch any incident on camera quickly, which is the essence of their job.
  • Movies: Videographers shooting movies require their memory capacity to be extensive. They don’t want to get stuck in a scene if the storage capacity runs out. Also, the faster read/write speeds are an excellent choice to shoot high-resolution videos.

You should use XQD cards for your cameras and even daily-use devices. They can easily get you those high speeds and better protection. Also, XQD card recovery services are easily available even if the card gets a virus or faces physical damage.

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