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9 Best Tools to Test Responsive Web Designs

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9 Best Tools to Test Responsive Web Designs

If you are reading this article, you might be familiar with the importance of designing a responsive website. According to the statistics, 94% of people say that they trust a website only if its design is responsive. To ensure that the website organizations create is highly professional and error-free, they prefer outsourcing web designing services to the best agency. Because to keep visitors on the right track, it is essential to build credibility and increase business quality.

Are you unsure about whether your website design is responsive or not? Are you still pondering over whether you should redesign your website or not? No worries!

In this article, I will share some of the best tools for testing responsive websites. By trying out, you can decide whether your website needs any update or it is good to go.

9 Best Tools for Testing Website Responsive Design


Are you looking for a tool that is simple to understand and easy to use? If yes, then Responsinator is for you. Here you just have to enter your website and can see how your website would look on different devices. It is a free tool that helps you to get an indication of your responsive website quickly.

Responsive Test Tool

The responsive test tool is just like Responsinator in terms of usability. It is both simple to navigate and use. By just entering the website URL, you can load your page and see its presence on different devices like mobile, tablet, desktop, television, etc.

The best part of this free tool is that you can customize your own screen and can share it on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Moreover, it also offers an option of enabling/disable scrolling and bookmark for the future to make it easy for you to reload and recheck.


When it comes to responsive website design testing, BrowserStack is one of the most favorite tools of many designers. There are more than 25000 customers who are making the best use of this tool to generate sales.

Using this tool, you can do interactive cross-browser testing, selenium testing at scale, visual testing and review, interactive mobile app testing, and automated mobile app testing like a pro.

If you want to work out of the box without zero maintenance and zero setup issues, then BrowserStack is for you.


Screenfly is another tool that you can add to your checklist. This free tool allows you to check how your site looks on different screen sizes, including desktop, tablet, mobile, and television.

It has a feature of viewing static screens, customizing screen size, screen rotation, and refresh buttons that further help you to test website responsiveness without any hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Input your website URL and see the difference.

Designmodo Responsive Test

One of the other tools that I really like is Designmodo Responsive Test. It is one of the most preferred free online web apps that help users to test their responsive layouts.

Its easy-to-use interface and resizable option make it easy for the users to test the responsiveness and by saving both time and money. At the top of its page, you will find a fixed ruler along with predetermined sizes for tablets, desktops, smartphones, and e-readers. I would recommend you to visit this tool as it’s the place where you can find all possible requirements while testing the website responsiveness.

Viewport Resizer

Are you looking for a tool that offers an extension for4 your browser? Then you can opt for a viewport resizer. It takes only 2 seconds to evaluate how your design looks on different screens.

Once you install the extension, you just have to navigate to the page you want to test and check your responsiveness on all kinds of screen resolutions of the page. It is one of the smartest ways to test website responsiveness. It offers 47 different options to test responsiveness on screen sizes. So, if you add this to your checklist, you can test transitions, statuses, text length, etc.

Responsive Design Checker

Don’t have enough time to spend on testing the website’s responsiveness? Responsive design checker tools can help you with the same. In this tool, you might not see the numbering ruler and notation button; you just need to enter the URL and click the go button to know whether it is performing well or not. So, get ready to check the results and ensure whether your site needs any extra effort or not.

Cross Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing is a multi-functional tool that helps you check the site responsiveness very conveniently. To get started with this tool, you can get a free trial. Once you enter your website URL, you can check its responsiveness for several screen sizes at one particular time.

Live testing, visual testing, automated testing, record, and replay are some of the features that you can utilize to check your website design performance. Moreover, you can take screenshots and share them with your team to make improvements in needs.

Am I Responsive

Like other tools, I Responsive is also used to test your website for different sets of devices and screens. Its user-friendly interface inspires various users to choose them on the top list. This tool not only admires good work but also makes it easier to know where your website is standing.

The best part about this tool is that you can reorder and rearrange all the devices with a drag and drop option.

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Wrapping Up

Indeed, various tools can help you test the responsiveness of your website, but hopefully, the above list will help you understand which tool best suits your business needs.

So, don’t be in a hurry while deciding your tool; take some time and go with the best. Once you choose the right tool, the process of your website designing will become easier and helps you get a website that stands out from the rest.

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