How To Keep Your Financial Data Safe Using Artificial Intelligence

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How To Keep Your Financial Data Safe Using Artificial Intelligence

Customers expect you to keep their financial data safe. While no companies are intentionally giving away financial data, failing to be prepared can have the same effect. Today’s cybersecurity criminals use a wide range of tools to access your personally identifiable information. Although your information might be locked down today, cybercriminals are always looking for new techniques and gaps.

Even a fine-tuned system can still run into issues. For example, cybercriminals use a popular method called phishing. Phishing refers to trick someone into giving away their credentials, often through email, without knowing what they’re doing.

How AI Can Supplement Security Systems

Cybercrime is a 24/7 effort. With cybercriminals always on the lookout for new more complex ways to attack, artificial intelligence can help prepare for these new cybersecurity threats. With a traditional cybersecurity system that incorporates AI, you can relax knowing that AI is utilizing predictive analytics to help protect valuable data. For instance, AI can identify issues in a cybersecurity system caused by authentication. Utilizing algorithms to detect anything that looks suspicious can help flag IT professionals and remove the threat before an attacker even finds the vulnerability.

In today’s online shopping environment cybersecurity criminals are always looking for ways to take advantage of your personally identifiable information. Having not only a traditional security solution but one that works around the clock to protect sensitive data is crucial. Artificial intelligence uses machine learning to keep a watchful eye always looking for new threats. If you are interested in learning a few more ways AI can protect sensitive data check out the resource below. It provides several examples of ways artificial intelligence is used to enhance your security systems. Resource created by Donnelley Financial Solutions.

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