8 Tips To Design Your Own Mobile App

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8 Tips To Design Your Own Mobile App

So, you’ve finally decided on creating your mobile app. While it’s important that your mobile app works flawlessly, that’s just half the battle. For your mobile app to stand out from others, you have to create an appealing design that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

People would want to use a mobile app that’s extremely user-friendly, while at the same time looks modern. They wouldn’t want to need a manual just so they could use the app. When you’re hiring someone to create your mobile app, make sure that they could provide excellent work and should be able to exceed your expectations, just like

If you’re planning to design your mobile up on your own, here are the tips to make it a successful project:

Prioritize User-Friendliness

8 Tips To Design Your Own Mobile App

When designing your mobile app, it’s ideal that you stick with what works for most mobile apps. If you were to observe the majority of successful mobile apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, Messenger, Gmail, Instagram, and Snapchat, you’ll realize that they have almost similar designs.

It’s recommended to let your users be able to navigate your mobile app as easy as possible.

If they click a button, they’re expecting to be brought to another page almost in an instant. When they spread two of their fingers outwards, they should be able to zoom in to the image or page. When they swipe the screen with a finger, they expect the page or image to move. These are the common gestures that you should focus on and perfect as much as possible so that mobile users would be able to feel comfortable navigating your app.

Don’t Go Fancy With Fonts

As much as those cursive fonts are beautiful, it’s not recommended that you overflow your mobile app with fancy fonts. Your fonts should always be easily readable so that your users wouldn’t have difficulty reading the content of your page. You may utilize a font pairing guide to help you use different fonts, without making your mobile app eye twitching.

Be Consistent

Once you’ve decided what your mobile app should look like, you should stick to that design and not change a single element with other pages. You should be consistent with the flow of your mobile app and how it looks. You wouldn’t want to have an app that’s blue on the homepage and turns red or green when redirected to another. It’ll just confuse your users.

Must Be Responsive

In this day and age, not all mobile phones come with the same screen size. As such, when designing your mobile app, you shouldn’t focus on just one; instead, you must be able to cater to all types of mobile screen sizes. Doing so will allow your users to fluidly navigate your app regardless of the type of mobile phone they’re using.

Along with considering different screen sizes, you should also be able to design a mobile app that’s workable for all kinds of mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android, and Windows. This will help you gather more audience and users of your mobile app.

Create A Good Color Scheme

You wouldn’t want a mobile app that has many loud colors that don’t fit together. It will be so much of an eyesore and may strain the eyes of your users.

Along with this, you should use standard colors for certain functionalities. If you’re going to have a page that has confirm and decline buttons, the confirm button has to be set in green, while the decline button in red.

Furthermore, mobile apps usually come in two background colors, such as white and black. Most of the time, the white background is the default one, while the black background is present when a user opts for the dark mode.

Keep Things Simple

When creating your mobile app, it pays to make things simple because people nowadays usually want instant answers to their queries or instant solutions to their concerns. Remember that users are viewing your app through their small mobile screens. It would give them a hard time navigating the app if it is designed in such a complex way. It will just annoy your users and might even delete the app or opt for your competitors instead.

When the design is simple and easy to use, it will encourage your audience to use the app even more.

Consider Different Types Of Users

Of course, you have to make your mobile app easy to use for as many types of users as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone may understand the font you will be using, for instance. Thus, when creating your mobile app, you should allow your users to be able to make the font size bigger or make one that would be friendly for left-handed people. You can also add a dark mode feature on your app.

Take Note Of Loading Speed

People nowadays are not usually patient when it comes to slow loading times. As such, when designing your mobile app, you should take note of the loading speed and ensure that it’s moving as smoothly as possible.

If you add too many elements and complexity to your mobile app, it’ll cause to make it load slower. The ideal loading time of a mobile app should only be two seconds, so make sure that you don’t add unnecessary designs to your app so it’ll load faster.


Creating and designing a mobile app requires hard work and meticulousness as there are many things you ought to consider. You need to ensure that your mobile app is easy on the eyes and to navigate, as well as has a fast loading speed. A lot of people nowadays don’t want to sweat and want things in an instant, so be sure that your app caters to these issues successfully.

Also, remember that it’s a little more difficult to navigate an app through a mobile phone than a desktop computer, so it’s best to keep it simple so as to avoid confusing and disappointing your target audience.

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