How the Best Graphic Designers Manage Instagram

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How the Best Graphic Designers Manage Instagram

Gathered a collection of inspiring profiles of the best graphic designers, where you can get ideas for creativity and projects.

Graphic designers are eager to share their work on social networks, turning their personal profile into a professional portfolio. On Instagram, you can find accounts of masters of typography and leathery, scribing and sketching, illustrators, 3D animators, and motion designers.

Mike Perry – @mikeperrystudio

Mike Perry’s profile is a mix of color and psychedelic animation. You could see an example of the typography he created when you watched “Broad City”. His illustrations adorn the covers of fashion magazines such as Time Out Los Angeles. And the characters Mike creates are just a separate amazing world!

Timothy Goodman – @timothygoodman

Timothy Goodman from New York City is a man of many talents, some of which are reflected in Instagram. In addition to a cool profile, he shows his work in a book published with another designer – Jessica Walsh. Recently his illustration decorated a whole strip in The Wall Street Journal. Goodman’s profile is as beautiful as a magic box of inspiration.

Mister Doodle – @misterdoodle

Mr. Doodle is a master of hand typography. In his work, he combines inspiring quotes written in his own style with illustrations, typography, and pictorial photographs. And how neatly and subtly he places all of his graphics in symmetrical forms can evoke the rapturous glitz in the eyes of the most hardened perfectionists.

Jon Contino – @joncontino

It’s not easy to give a name to the direction John Contino works in. He calls himself “alpha structural aesthetician”, a term he created to explain the variety of techniques in his work as an artist, illustrator, fashion designer, and branding consultant. It’s easier to say that John can do anything he wants and he does it well. It’s worth signing up to him so you don’t miss out on his new creations in the most unexpected areas of creativity.

Neil Secretario – @neilsecretario

Neil Secretariato, a talented typographer from California, creates elegant and complex fonts. His Instagram is filled to the brim with inspiring typography. In animation posts, he shows the process of font creation from the very first draft of hand sketches to their digital processing and the final result. If you want to understand the intricacies and tricks of the master of typography, all you have to do is subscribe to the Nile profile. By the way, it is easy to check fonts with the help of free flyer mockups.

Andreas M Hansen – @andreasmhansen

Andreas is a designer and printer who creates fonts and patterns using brushes and pens. In his work, he is inspired by the technique of drawing Japanese characters. His profile on Instagram is a concentration of complex design with bold black and pure white in all his photographs. Connoisseurs of black and white aesthetics should definitely follow this account.

Steven Harrington – @s_harrington

Steven Harrington likes sharp lines and bold color combinations. This illustrator designer definitely has his own style. He worked on the collaboration between Disney and Nixon, developed prints for collaboration with Nike Air. Do you also dream about joint projects with cool brands? You know who to be inspired by.

Luke Choice – @velvetspectrum

Behind the nickname “Velvet Spectrum” hides the graphic designer from New York Luke Choice. The profile is painted with unique playful aesthetics of his design, illustrations, and typography. You can find his independent creative projects and the results of cooperation with major brands such as Nickelodeon, Nike, and Adidas.

Sean McCabe – @seanwes

Sean McCabe’s ribbon is a series of concise design works with an emphasis on typography, generously laced with advice on how to continue to love your business and not burn out while doing your creative work. Want a lot of motivational content and practice in English? Then you’re going to Sean’s.

Dschwen LLC. – @dschwen

This Minneapolis design studio account contains a collection of laconic posters and vivid, provocative and funny animated videos. You can’t get away from watching their work. Even a little jealous that you will see it for the first time.

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