Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Use Infographics in Web Design

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Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Use Infographics in Web Design


Infographics are a graphic visual representation of complex information or data aimed at presenting information clearly and quickly. Simply put, gathering information, organizing it, and presenting it visually consumable by converting it into charts, graphs, and visual stories.

The use of infographics in the web design ecosphere is gaining popularity and there are significant reasons for it. Humans easily consume visuals. The popularity of YouTube and Pinterest is growing rapidly which can be seen as a great testimony to the fact that humans are visual beings.

So whether you’re one who’s considering building a website for business or a professional website developer, use infographics wherever applicable.

I dug down deep to identify the top 9 reasons why you should use infographics in web design. Here they are:

Easy to Understand

Infographics are easy to understand — one of the reasons why you should use infographics in your web design. Your website visitors will easily understand the content that you’re trying to make them no matter whether they know the subject much or not.

A thoughtfully-designed infographic draws visitors’ attention and lets them scan and understand quickly which would have not possible through multiple pages of text.

Visually Enticing

Infographics make your website more visually captivating; which means well-designed infographics should be used to attract the attention of netizens. If they find your infographics informative, joyful, they will spend more time on your site and thus decrease the bounce rate.

Ability to Go Viral

A great infographic has the ability to generate a lot of interest in your site. Due to this very reason, your site may go viral within a short span of time. Check out some sources to know how to make your website viral as there are many ways apart from infographics.

Search Engine Optimization

If your website’s infographics have become viral, half of your marketing goal is achieved as your website will definitely go up in the search engines. More visitors coming on your website means increased opportunity to convert web traffic.

Traffic Generation

As discussed earlier, properly-created infographics have viral capability. Therefore, you can get enormous traffic to your website with a single infographic. All those click-throughs to your site will provide you an opportunity to convert those visitors and rank high in the search engines.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Your logo is the face of your company, no doubt about it! For promoting brand awareness and recognition, many companies choose to blend an infographic with their logo designs. Although it requires a little creative blend of mind, this trick works well. Because it’s a visual representation of what your brand is all about, it offers instantaneous recognition to your company. And if your visitors identify you, they will feel more comfortable doing business with you.


A well-designed infographic has the ability to be shared, it may go viral overnight. So, it’s imperative to use infographics in your web design to let your website viral and bring a huge amount of traffic to your site.

For creating an effective infographic, you don’t need to know the intricacies attached to the graphic design; instead, you can create on your own using an online infographic maker in just a few minutes.

Reading Retention

Infographics have great power to retain visitors for a longer period. They can engage readers by offering a lot of information with simple pictures and charts, no matter how complex the content may be.

Easy to Remember

Infographics are easy to remember. Information that you put through infographics can be more memorable than text. So, work towards representing your information in infographics.

The bottom Line

These are the key reasons why you should use infographics in website design. Now it’s clear that if you want your audience to consume your information in a visually appealing format, you must consider creating infographics for your websites. They allow you to make appropriate use of colors, icons, negative spaces, and proportions for transforming your content into memorable and enticing graphics. Traffic is crucial to expand your business and a thoughtfully-designed infographic can bring a considerable amount of traffic to your website.

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