Business and Beyond – Various Uses of Text Communication

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Business and beyond – Various uses of text communication

To get the most from your SMS marketing campaign, it must be a part of the omnichannel strategy for your business. Text message marketing, as some people call it, is a powerful marketing tool. Its capabilities to provide the desired returns can be limited if used in isolation. 

Grabbing the attention of people through messages for meeting marketing needs began with SMS. It has been around for more than 25 years, and the more recent challengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other messaging services are breathing on its neck. 

 But still, the inherent powers of SMS marketing are helping it survive the challenge successfully, which is evident from its inclusion in the marketing mix of numerous organizations. No mobile communication plan can be complete without including SMS messaging in it.

The advent of messaging apps is attractive, but SMS messaging remains the chosen tool for most organizations. The rapid rise in the popularity of mobile devices has transformed access to information. People have more options and the dominance of mobile devices, especially smartphones, makes it imperative for organizations to have a mobile-first approach as part of their communication strategy.

Moreover, text communication or SMS messaging has several benefits. For instance, sending text messages is immediate and quick. All you need to do is type in your message, click the ‘send’ button, and the recipient will receive the message within seconds or minutes, depending on the signal.

Also, SMS messaging is easy to use and inexpensive. Unlike other modes of communication, it doesn’t require opening an app or sitting in front of the computer. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much. With affordable cellphone plans these days, text communication doesn’t have to be expensive. Lastly, texting can make sure that recipients read and respond to the messages as quickly as possible. Compared to emails which can sit in your recipient’s email inbox for a long time, text communication provides notification to the receiver, thereby allowing them to respond to texts within a few seconds.

With all these things being said, there’s no question why SMS messaging continues to be a reliable means of communication for individuals, businesses, and other entities.

Is SMS Marketing Good For You?

Despite the effectiveness of SMS marketing, you must first understand how effective it will be for your business and how well it fits into your marketing plans. Knowing what your audience likes and the way they prefer to interact with you is the first step to ascertaining how useful SMS marketing would be for you. If your audience is more comfortable receiving phone calls, there should be no reason to waste your time on SMS marketing. 

 One thing that you must keep in mind is that SMS marketing does not work for all businesses because it depends on the kind of audience you deal with. Young people who love texting are games for receiving text messages while older people might be unwilling to do it. The inability to drive the campaign by promoting your CTAs and not having a proper subscriber list could harm your campaign.

How your organization can leverage SMS to engage the audience is what you should know by understanding the best practices in text messaging. There are several things you can implement here.

to ensure that text messaging can deliver desirable results to your business. 

Text Messaging For Marketing

SMS marketing service providers, including, provide a variety of services to companies with ways to launch contests, send mobile coupons, and sell by using text. Ordering food by using text messages is an established practice among many food chains. Retailers are using text to help consumers get coupons in the store for increasing sales. 

 To start text marketing, you must first make subscribers agree to receive your message because a lack of consent can put you on the wrong side of the law. Texting with restraint is the secret to success in SMS marketing. Overdoing it can annoy subscribers. They will unsubscribe, thereby jeopardizing your marketing prospects. Again, sending messages infrequently could cut you off from subscribers and result in missed opportunities. Striking the right balance is essential.

Use Text Messaging for Customer Notifications

Providing the best customer experience is a priority in marketing. To achieve this goal, you can use SMS for booking confirmation, account notifications, appointment reminders, and fraud alerts. Communicating directly with your customers on your messaging list helps to improve their experience. 

Any business wishing to automate event-based notifications can use text messaging. Every instance of texting allows you to engage with your customers closely. You must create your own voice, tone, and tenor in the messages so that it becomes easily recognizable. The effectiveness of messaging depends on how well you compose the messages that are both relevant and important for customers as you connect with them on a personal level.

Set Up Internal Communications

Most people are familiar with text messaging, and employers can use it as a channel of communication with employees. Companies can send across important communications to their employees through text messages. It will ensure that the recipients read it because text messages have high open and read rates. 

This method of communication is especially helpful for connecting with employees located at faraway places and project sites. You can send them alert messages like a warning about the weather and safety messages. Depending on the group of employees to connect with, the message must be completely contextual and relevant. It may not be necessary to share the information with other employees, and you must be alert about this aspect when framing your message.

Fundraising For Non-Profit Organizations

Text is a powerful means of communication that non-profit organizations can use for fundraising activities. They can get in touch with donors through text messages. By using a text message, they can share a link with donors that they can use for completing the process of depositing money. In some cases, donations can be collected by facilitation through text messages. 

Fundraising by using text requires that donors must feel most convenient using the platform for which you must make it easy for them to use text for donating. You must use keywords that are easy to remember and incorporate CTA not only on text but across all channels.

It’s Useful for Political Campaigns Too

Text messages are a vital tool not for marketers alone but also for political parties and politicians to boost their political campaigns. Text messages are useful to drive registrations and influence voters. Texting at a personal level allows campaign managers to reach and engage people more effectively by sending bulk messages to people who opt-in for the campaign. 

Engaging in real conversation with real people in real-time is an exceptional advantage of SMS which gives an edge in political campaigns. Bulk text messaging is the way to quickly connect with the audience with time-sensitive information that goes a long way in reaping dividends for political campaigns.

No matter how you use text messages, there must be a clear plan that helps to create strategies suited for the occasion.

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