User-Friendly iPhone Manager – IOTransfer New Features Review

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 User-Friendly iPhone Manager - IOTransfer New Features Review

IOTransfer has become everyone’s favorite iPhone manager to manage their data and download videos instantly. It provides its users with a maximum device management solution that is based on storing, transferring, sharing, and backing up an iOS device data within an instant. The new features equipped to IOTransfer 3 allow its user to manage and backup data that includes images, videos, notes, and music without any hassle.

When using the traditional method to transfer files from an Apple device to a PC, one is required to wait for several hours until the process is completed, and it could be immensely time to consume. Also, the chances of files getting corrupted or deleted during a slow transfer are high as well. It requires an Apple user to resort to an alternative solution—and it does not get any better than using the IOTransfer 3.

The latest features installed to IOTransfer are more than data management or file transfer—it allows its user to download videos from any source in any format, and they can also use the GIF maker integrated to the management software for adding variety to your chats and Instant Messaging. Also, if you use IOTransfer to back up your images, videos, audios, and PDF files then, you can always retrieve the data back within an instant. Let’s have a look at these new features in detail:

Video Downloader

Video Downloader

The software is equipped with a free and easy-to-use video downloader. It allows its users to access and download hundreds of videos from several websites. You can transfer the videos to your iPhone’s library prior to traveling somewhere without a companion, and it would make your trip easier. You can simply use the ‘drag-n-drop’ feature for adding videos to your iPhone’s directory and you are good to go! Besides, you can download videos directly from the free online video downloader.

Online GIF Maker

Online GIF Maker

The GIF maker integrated into the software is a fun and easy way to create GIFs instantly. You can simply add a compilation of images to the free online GIF maker or add a video to the GIF maker powered by IOTransfer, and it would instantly create high-quality GIFs without compromising the quality of the images and videos respectively.

Smart Phone Cleaner

Smart Phone Cleaner

An average Apple smartphone may have a substantial size of internal storage; however, if you are considering deleting a pile of files from your smartphone then, it could be challenging to select the data for deleting it. IOTransfer is equipped with a smartphone cleaner feature, and it scans your iOS devices for the files that are not in use, and it simply removes them from your device without removing any other files.

Optimized AIR-TRANS Feature

Optimized AIR-TRANS Feature

The latest version of IOTransfer is equipped with a unique AIR-TRANS feature that allows its user to transfer and back up files within the shortest span of time. It also reduces the probability of data corruption during a transfer; hence, it transfers the file into a safe back up location easily.

Remove And Fix Unknown Bugs

If your iPhone has accumulated unknown bugs over the time—it could be challenging to identify and remove these bugs without compromising the remaining data. The IOTransfer 3 is dedicated to identifying and fixing the unknown bugs, and in return, it improves the functionality and workability of your iPhone instantly.

Updated 16-Multi-Languages

One of the best features about the latest itineration of IOTransfer is that it features more than 16 languages in its database—which makes it a portable option for non-native English speakers. You can simply change the language in the settings, and you are good to go!

Here we introduced the 8 main new features about IOTransfer. Download IOTransfer and get a better experience now!

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