What is iOS? Why Is It So Popular

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What is iOS? Why Is It So Popular

We can use any app on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod and iPads). IOS has become a preferred brand platform for apps. An App Store is the go to platform for start-ups or big brand businesses. As of now, there are over 1.5 million available apps.

In computing, apps represent an application to download on a mobile device by any user. Installing apps provides users a shortcut to particular services or products. All this is possible because of iOS. Apps is an application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device. Informally, app means an application or application form. Every start-up or established business needs to think about an iPhone mobile app development eventually.

Apps became grossly popular because Apple introduced its iOS iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The new touch gestures revolutionized communications technology through a smart handheld devices. Actions like swiping, pulling, pinching, and tapping, enable users to leverage any kind of use. Recently, they have even added gyroscopes and accelerometers to change orientation and play around on different planes.

Operating system iOS has made “apps” very popular. “App” is abbreviated use of any ‘application’ software for electronic devices. An internet connection is not necessary for it to work. When we say ‘apps’ we mean a software program or an application. It usually refers to a small piece of software for a mobile or website. The word ‘apps’ indicates a fledgling piece of software used for the whole program. Apps can be of all 3 types desktop, mobile or web apps.

Apps are simple and quick to use versions of bigger software programs. Desktop and web apps are built for mouse and keyboard and have larger displays. In sharp contrast, mobile apps access is through finger or stylus on smaller screens. Apps provide leverage features for making the most of internet and web browsing. 

Using apps is for a very valid reason – they take very little space on any gadget and they can be installed or removed at any time. They give the benefits of using specific programs features without the whole program. Apps are then the most preferred way to access internet resources and iPhone and iPad mobile app development through iOS makes it all possible.

As mentioned before Apple capitalized on its iOS technology to provide end-users direct control. The tremendous and rapid growth of App Store marketplace draws the attention of every business trying to earn revenue. Here is a simple and quick method for an impeccable process. IOS apps are making their presence felt on development verticals like gaming, social networking, entertainment, business and any other field you may care to name.


Apple’s iPad sales reached to approx. 55 million units worldwide expected to reach 81.1 million by end of 2018. iPhones in the mobile world draws every business to its e-commerce platform for which iPhone app development services are readily available.

The iPad is the latest and frontrunner in the smartphone category. A 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a unique button allows iPad developers to challenge new user-centric product and services launches. The iPad provides a unique user-interface for multitasking. IPads have become the most user-centric, fully feature-packed device that everyone would prefer to have.

Reasons For iPhone And iPad App Development Becoming So Popular

Easy coding on iOS gives better user experience to generate more paying customers than ever before. The iOS platform provides the perfect stage for a startup as well as an established brand. It is the perfect way to capitalize on the popularity of iOS App development for business success. It is no wonder that iOS apps are dominating today and are by far the most popular among users.

Avid iPhone and iPad users swear by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Find my iPhone, Instagram, iTunes, Badoo, to LINE iOS, apps dominating the mobile app landscape. High ranked use and high revenues go hand in hand. People have a choice between iOS and Android apps development. Professional expertise is required for this purpose. 

Mobile development platforms have huge data and professional experts are in the best position to carry out data analytics to decide on an organization’s next step. Having a highly function iPhone or iPad app is a self-supporting decision when you consider the number says it all. Apple App Store hosts over 1.2 billion apps and still growing…

iPhone And iPad Mobile Development Remains Popular Because Over 37% Business Visits Come From Mobiles

Some Reasons For iPhone And iPad Mobile App Development
  • More paying customers: You do not need any more convincing if you know the statistics that iOS apps account 90 percent of the mobile apps money.
  • Better user experience: IOS apps guarantee best user experience. This simple and quick user-interface generate higher sales. 
  • Easy coding: Apple’s integrated app development environment is a dream for every apps developer.

  • The Apple brand name: High-quality products make for the best business solution. Businesses go where consumers put their trust. 

Think Apple and you get versatility, security of hardware/software as well as high scalability. Think app development service for iPhone and you have already won half the battle.

IOS Development Trends In 2018 & Beyond

The Android platform may be gaining in popularity since its birth. However, Apple is still going strong and is extremely stable. It improves its market share consistently. Recent events portray the trends of the future iOS ecosystem. 

Out of the 344.3 million smartphones shipped worldwide in the first quarter of 2017, 14.7% were running iOS. If you consider the total number of Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac PC, Apple TVs, iPods, and Apple Watches, it becomes a staggering one billion active iOS devices worldwide.

Apple’s huge iOS ecosystem is over a larger geographic distribution as compared to Android devices. This has much to do with affluence and capacity to spend more dollars. It is dominant across USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and European nations. 

The UX Index of Mobile Devices shows clearly that Apple is the winner with its iOS ecosystem for user experiences (UX) with a user interface (UI) and user interactions. Apple’s devices and apps make for a great combination, which sustains high-end applications for future technology development.

Apple iOS platform is a thriving, healthy in providing brighter opportunities to jump ahead with iOS application development. Past trends indicate an augmented reality (AR) tipping the market. Other important aspects to be aware of are Location-based iBeacon Technology, Internet of Things (IoT) in iOS App Ecosystem and Wearable Apps a New iOS App Development Trends.

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