10 Insane Hacks for Google Chrome to Try in 2017

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Google chrome has tones of features that most people don’t know about other than the usual search and load that we all know. Some of these features are hidden and if you learn about them they are bound to make your internet search life way easier.

In most cases, these hacks have been realized by researchers and web designers who might have had some troubles and were looking for a way out. The major and common error that most people come across when using Google Chrome is webpage not available. You can fix Chrome err_spdy_protocol_error here
This error is so annoying that in most cases result in users opting to exit Google Chrome and try other search bars. According to the recent statistics, Google chrome was found to have the most users since it is one of the most versatile search bars there is. It usually has frequent updates that help the users get clean and one of a kind experience when using it. 
Below are some 10 insane hacks of Google Chrome that will blow your mind off. These hacks are a must try in the year 2017 as most of them solve those small problems that we all encounter one time or the other. Enjoy!

Delete your cookies

Sometimes when you are using Google Chrome, you might get an error saying that this webpage is not available. This message is without no doubt annoying especially if you were in a hurry to search something real quick. 

The obvious solution that we all rush to be closing that tab and either trying again or giving up altogether. The first hack is deleting all the cookies and trying to load the page again. Cookies are information that gets stored whenever you browse through the websites. 
When the cookies are too much they tend to lag the loading process and clearing them might solve the problem immediately.

Incognito Mode

Ha! I bet most of you did not know that such a browser page exists on Google Chrome. You will be surprised to learn that you don’t need to worry about deleting your history bar every now and then. Whenever you want to browse the internet and want it to remain personal and private then Incognito mode is your ultimate solution. 

This window does not keep any of your personal information at all and clears itself once you exit it. Thank me later because now your secret is safe with Incognito Mode.

Changing Proxy settings

This is a simple hack process that also helps to get rid of webpage not available error. This is an alternative to deleting all the cookies if it doesn’t work. This process is found under the settings took and changing the proxy setting helps to break off your internet and connect you once again and might help clear webpage not available error immediately.

Drag multiple tabs at once

Holding Ctrl key or command key on Mac then touching all the tabs that you would want to move allows you to drag more than one tab at once. This is not familiar to most people especially since dragging only one tab is the most common thing people do. So now you can be able to play around with your tabs and have them mixed as you wish.

Search word and phrases

Copying and pasting a phrase or word can be too tiring so the next time you want to conduct a search try this hack. Highlight your word and then right click on it then directly do a Google search and save yourself the hustle. If you are using Mac you can Control click then proceed the same way.

Retrieve closed tabs

Sometimes you might accidentally close some tabs that you still need. Calm down as this hack will help you retrieve it since man is to error and Google Chrome understands that. Simply click Ctrl + shift T or command + Shift T, on Mac and all the recent closed tabs will open.

Zoom in and Out on Pc

This is a simple hack that can make your life easier especially if you want to zoom in or out when browsing. Just click Ctrl plus (+) or Ctrl minus (-). This will automatically pop out a magnifying lens that you can play around with to achieve the desired font and zooming out too or just click Ctrl 0. On mac click Command + or – and Command 0 to reset to normal.

Make translation easy

This is an inbuilt feature that most people are unaware of, well all you need is to install Google Translate extension and you are good to go. Note that this extension must be the official one from google. The bar will place itself at the top right side of your page. Now highlight the strange word then click on it and the translation will be done automatically.

Change theme color

If you are really bored with Chromes default theme then you can change it. Click on Themes from chrome store and download it then select the theme that you want and enjoy.

Add page to Desktop

This hack comes in handy when you want to quickly access a page without searching it all through chrome page. Open the page you want to add, Click on the tab on the right corner then tap more tools and select add to desktop. Now whenever you click this icon on the desktop, the link will open directly.

Bonus Hack: See saved password in Google Chrome

Hacks are the only shortcuts to making most of the internet tasks easy and fun. You don’t have to wait for the web page not available error to clear all your cookies though. Doing this often will make your Google Chrome function even better and reduce any lagging. 

Also clearing all the unused tabs is pretty much something that you can do instead of having so many open tabs and you are only using one or two. This will help save your device battery life and you can add it to your new learned hacks as a bonus hack. Your welcome!
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