The First Grid CSS WordPress Theme Giveaway

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If you are a progressive web designer/developer who tracks all the latest and the most advanced trends and technologies that appear on the web, you should participate in this giveaway.

What exactly can you get for free?

This time the game is really worth the candles. gives away one of its newest premium WordPress themes. This time the template is very special, moreover, it’s one-of-a-kind. They named it Creado and it’s the first Art Gallery responsive WordPress themepowered by the Grid CSS technology.

C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado Giveawaycreado.jpg

We will make a brief review of this innovative theme for those who are interested in participating in the giveaway and winning it.

Do you know what Grid CSS is?
It’s a new way of arranging the content on the page without using tables, floats, flexboxes, and many other things developers got used to.

This means that you can create grids in CSS, not HTML. CSS Grid Layout allows you transform the visual layout structure without involving corresponding markup changes. If you are a designer, you can change the way page elements are located at different breakpoints of the layout.

You don’t need to compromise a well-structured document to make your design responsive.

The grid easily adapts to the available space. Each element has its own area on the grid, so they don’t overlap each other on smaller screens. Though, if you want, you can make one item overlap another. That’s impossible with HTML table-based layouts.

As we have just mentioned, CSS Grid layouts are adjustable to mobile devices. You’ll enjoy the same user-friendly experience both on retina displays and smartphones.
C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado Giveawaymobile-friendly.jpg

What’s more, CSS Grid gives much more freedom to developers in terms of laying out thecontent. For example, overlapping with CSS Grid is more convenient than with the positionAbsolute and its analogs.

The users won’t face any problems with layouts based on Grid CSS unless they use InternetExplorer or Edge browsers and update them regularly. But please don’t worry; you won’t losepeople coming to your site from IE or Edge with Grid CSS. They just may not see such a coolversion of the interface as Firefox users, but your site will still work well. There’ll be just astandard grid.

What differentiates Creado from other WordPress themes? 

Creado has layouts for multiple purposes. It comes with pre-designed layouts for a blog listingand various widgets. They include a slideshow, Instagram, custom posts on thehomepage, andrelated posts on the single post page. You can see them below.

Blog Listing Grid CSS Layout 

C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado Giveawayblog-listing.jpg

Slider Grid CSS Layout 

C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado Giveawayslider-grid.jpg

Custom Posts Grid CSS Layout 

C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado GiveawayCustom-Posts-Grid-CSS-Layout.jpg

Instagram Grid CSS Layout 

C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado GiveawayInstagram-Grid-CSS-Layout.jpg

Related Posts Grid CSS Layout 

C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado GiveawayRelated-Posts-Grid-CSS-Layout.jpg

Creado CSS Grid WordPress theme offers a pack of the innovative features that will beappreciated by the customers. For example, the theme is equipped with a live customizerallowing users edit its default design without constant page reloading. There are also 7 headerlayouts, 5 blog layouts, 500+ Google fonts, multiple custom widgets, docs, and much more.

C:UsershelgamorenoDesktopCreado Giveaway7-header-layouts.jpg

It’s likely that CSS Grid will become a new web development standard very soon. You can’tignore this fact, can you? Read on and know more about this giveaway terms. They are simple as always.

What do you need to do to get Creado for free?

Just leave your comment under this blog post. We would be happy to hear what do you like the most about this revolutionary theme and what project are you going to complete with its help.

Please mind the terms! The giveaway is carried out from the 27th of June till the 30th of June. So, we advise you to drop us a line right now.

There will be 3 happy winners who will get this superb template for free and you may be one of them!

If you are not an experienced web developer and such kind of futuristic technologies scare you away, don’t be shy to take part in the giveaway. TemplateMonster Service Center is always here to help you. The guys will do all the customization or any other job instead of you within 24 hours. Great news, you don’t need to learn the complex coding to launch the top-notch resource.

We guess that’s it for now and wish you best of luck.

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