How Has Technology Improved Traveling Abroad

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How Has Technology Improved Travelling Abroad

There was once a time when travel was a bit of a nightmare. You never knew if you were going to have a good or bad holiday. Maybe it turned out that the hotel room you paid for was at a hotel that had been demolished a year earlier. Maybe you were carrying the map upside down the whole tone and got lost in the wilderness for a few days. Thankfully, technology has done a great job at improving our travelling experiences. Gone are the days of teary tantrums in the car, boring rainy days in at the hotel and swollen ankles in sweaty trainers. Here are some of the different ways that technology has improved travel

Easy Access To Information

Instead of spending hours searching for that tucked away café in the middle of nowhere that your friend told you about you can find it seconds thanks to all the ways that we can share information online. The brochure barely scratches the surface of what there is to see. We have access to travel blogs, review websites, online maps and so many other sources of information in seconds. You’ll never have to hunt for something to do or see now that we have the internet to guide us straight to where the fun is happening.

Emergency Services And Health Care

Getting ill or injured abroad is a very rational phobia a lot of people have. Not only did the experience of going to a foreign hospital ruin your day, but the bill that came at the end of the visit pretty much ruined that trip to the theme park you’d been planning at the end of the week, too. Well, nowadays that problem is pretty much solved. There are a whole mess of apps that can make the process of communicating a lot easier, translating while you talk and checking on word definitions if you’re still learning the language.

Getting insurance abroad is also incredibly easy now. By filling out a European health card application online you can get your hospital bill reduced or get rid of it completely. It certainly makes for one less thing to worry about on your travels, and now we can take those risks we’ve always wanted without worrying about coming home worse off than when we went.

Instant Entertainment

It was the first rainy day of the week. You’d planned on going to the beach but that didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. The only thing you had to entertain yourself was foreign television and a travel version box of Scrabble with most of the letters missing. That’s not a problem anymore, though. We can get TV on demand and film services delivered straight to our phones or laptops. For anyone that gets a bit homesick or is afflicted by a drastic change in weather, you no longer have to twiddle your thumbs.


Being ‘off the grid’ use to be a pretty common occurrence when you went on holiday, but that’s not quite the same anymore. There are so many ways to communicate with the outside world. Phone signals and Wi-Fi can reach us almost anywhere, which comes in handy if you’re running late to the airport and need to change your flight. If you’re feeling a bit homesick you could face time the people you left behind. You can send an email to arrange your checkout at the hotel. All these methods of communication have solved a lot of problems that used to deter us from traveling.

Cool Travel Tech Gadgets

Many cool gadgets help us in travel here are some list for best travel tech gadgets.
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