Increase Sales And Conversions By Implementing These 6 Winning SEO Strategies

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Increase Sales And Conversions By Implementing These 6 Winning SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the use of techniques, usually unpaid, to increase your websites ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages, SERPs, of search engines. As you would assume there is a definite method of implementing these techniques to get the most out of your SEO campaign and this article will mainly consider the techniques which are current as of 2016 which when implemented properly will have the cumulative effect of placing your website, and by extension your product, ranking high up in the SERPs.

The whole point of SEO is to give your website eyeballs which will consequently lead to conversions. The word eyeballs simply mean more people interacting with the content of your website and the word conversions mean driving your website visitors to complete an action that you desire such as buying goods, downloading a book, or even watching a movie. Such actions will be beneficial to your bottom line, racking in more money for you along the way.

Tried And Tested SEO Techniques

Quickly and without much ado let us list the SEO techniques, which will give you the best chance of converting conversions;

Socialize More

Social content is the wave of the future and as such you must make sure that you position yourself to make optimal use of this channel for the benefit of your SEO campaigns. This media has found prominence in due to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These results are prominently displayed on SERPs and so the issue is, where are you when it comes to using this channel to increase sales. 

Studies indicate that 76% of all marketers use Social Media to support and boost their SEO efforts and this has begun to have a tremendous impact in the digital advertising space. As more social media gets indexed on the major search engine the time is ripe to get in on the action and in this game the earlier the better as you will have heads up on the competition.

More Videos

There is an old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, it should have been referring to videos. Videos have come of age to stamp their position as the key champion of digital content and by extension a major plus in your SEO efforts in this age. This videos will not only keep your audience engaged but they will keep them entertained too and therefore you can be guaranteed that they will be coming up for more and more of the same from your website.

Let us get back to statistics since the data never lies and here we go; According to the website Marketing Land video search makes up for over 60 percent of all Google searches, universally. That means that your video content has a higher chance of being found as compared to the other forms of video out there. Upload your videos and ensure that they are properly indexed so that Google will be able to serve them for the keywords typed into the search box faster.

Mobile Optimization 

You have to make sure that your website displays perfectly in mobile devices that mean that your website must be designed to scale on all types of screens out there from smartphones, to feature phones and tablets you need to have your content able to scale the whole range of devices. This will enhance your search engine optimization process.

Voice Search

Mobile usage has been transformed thanks to the convenience of voice search which makes it possible to make searches on your device by simply speaking to them. This has made it possible for people who are on the go to keep up with the internet, never missing a beat even when they are on the road.
You need to incorporate this feature on your website as more and more people are finding voice search a convenient way of interacting with the internet. This will definitely have a big impact on your SEO and as mentioned elsewhere in this document, the early adopters always win in the end. Get in on the action early and you will have an obvious advantage.

Aggregate Content

This means that the current trend is that people are looking for current information, relevant to a given topic curated from a number of sources such as wikis, maps, social news, images, videos and more, actually this type of search makes up for a whopping 85% of Google searches. Therefore to be a part of this trend it means that you need to present information on your particular niche that is curated from a variety of sources. 

The takeaway from this is, that people want a practical media-rich way of interacting with the information that they like. They want to get the full array of information that will satisfy their needs for that particular content. This approach relies on finding, collating, consolidating and presenting this information to the interested audience.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps have taken over the way people especially millennials, interact with digital media and as such, it has become incumbent for people to make sure that their connect is served via mobile-friendly applications if they expect to get anywhere with their marketing plans. The latest data indicates that more than 50% of the time spent on the internet is spent interacting with apps

Mobile web and specifically app search currently accounts for over 90% of the search market and it is only a matter of time before mobile app usage surpasses desktop and mobile websites. Therefore you need to position yourself for this future and the positioning begins more. The long and short is that your SEO strategy is to make sure that your firm and e-commerce platform plays along with this piece of technology that is enjoying rapid uptake.

The bottom line is that you need to take advantage of the latest trends in search and how people like to interact with information and implement these technologies on your website if you want to reap the most from these channels in improving your SERPs ranking and by extension leading conversions as the website users end up finishing the action that you want them to on your website.

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