In August, Shatter JS libraries On CoderPower!

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From 1st – 28th August, CoderPower is conducting exclusive challenges on 3 new javascript libraries. Nurture your skills in Validator.js, String.js and Moment.js and win a Moto360 smartwatch.

Chilling on Holidays or stuck at work, come and have a blast on CoderPower while discovering three javascript libraries selected by the CoderPower team. You will have to be fast and skillful to be at the lead of the timed challenges on the platform.

As always, CoderPower will not abandon you in the wild. Indeed, for each of the three series, CoderPower’s team has set up clear warm-ups to show you the hardness of the task to come. Video tutorials, concrete examples, and short summaries are at your disposal. Soon as you are ready, head to the contest! It’s your call to be the quickest and to stack points. Check your score on the leaderboard in real time. It’s addictive and the winner of each series will gain a Moto360.

As a micro-learning and a code competition platform, CoderPower offers you a help to maintain and acquire your skills thanks to an irresistible mix of warm-ups and challenges. The perfect partner for the curious and eager coder, CoderPower updates you about the things happening in the coding community.

To get started, click HERE. Good luck !

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