7 Best Backbone.js Books

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List of Best Backbone.js Books

Are you looking to learn and search for the best Backbone js book that can help you learn Backbone js programming in the most effective way? Backbone.js is fundamentally a JavaScript library which is based on MVP or model–view–presenter. One of the great positives of Backbone is that it’s lightweight and is extremely efficient for building single-page web applications, also for synchronizing various web application parts. Backbone.js is also known as CoffeeScript. This article will talk about some must-read Backbone books and help you make an informed choice of the book that suits your requirements.

Highly Recommended Books on Backbone.js For Beginners

Developing Backbone.js Applications Kindle Edition

Developing Backbone.js Applications Kindle Edition

(By: Addy Osmani )

Developing Backbone.js Applications – Kindle Version
This is one of the best Backbone books available in the market. This book is regarded as a one-stop-shop for Backbone js. It contains an introduction about the Backbone js along with chapter that includes basic of Backbone js with couple of solid Backbone.js examples. This is just a start. As you move on reading the book, it will reveal the other contents including Backbone.js extensions like Paginator, Thorax, Marionette and others. It also contains some JavaScript libraries like SinonJS, QUnit, Jasmine, jQuery Mobile and RequireJS.

Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices Kindle Edition

Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices Kindle Edition

(By: Swarnendu De )

This Backbone js book renders an overview of some of the useful concepts and techniques of Backbone.js. The book contains some examples of typical patterns, concepts, usages of each of the main pieces of Backbone that include Collections, Models, Views Events/Storage and Routers. The writing style of the book is such that it will give you a feel that you are sitting in a classroom and studying Backbone.js. The book also contains chapters on usage of AMD with the required .js files.

Backbone.js Essentials Kindle Edition

Backbone.js Essentials Kindle Edition

(By: Jeremy Walker )

This book is an essential medium to learn the tools that will teach you how to construct top-notch web applications by mastering and using powerful tools provided by Backbone.js. If you are a developer having proficiency in baseline JavaScript and have familiarity with jQuery library, this book is just perfect for you. This Backbone book will help you learn architecting a single-page web application using the basic tools of Backbone.js and also explore advanced Backbone techniques in order to save time and effort using the available powerful third-party tools.

Backbone.js Blueprints Kindle Edition

Backbone.js Blueprints Kindle Edition

(By: Andrew Burgess )

If you want to learn building front-end applications using Backbone.js, this book is perfect. The book contains easy-to-follow examples that will take the reader through building seven different web applications using Backbone.js. However, it is mandatory for you to thoroughly familiarize yourself with working knowledge of CSS and HTML. You can start by creating a small blog with Backbone Express and gradually start learning the basics for reading as well as writing data with a REST API.

Beginning Backbone.js (Expert’s Voice in Web Development) Kindle Edition

Beginning Backbone.js (Expert's Voice in Web Development) Kindle Edition

(By: James Sugrue )

This book is a step-by-step guide when you want to learn and use Backbone.js library in web projects. This book will help you learn the importance of MVC approaches when you are developing a software. The great collection of examples and to-do logics help you understand the way of integrating Backbone.js into the JavaScript stack. The book starts with basic like understanding the core Backbone.js concepts such as events, routers, models and views. If you are confident with JavaScript, this book is excellent for you.

Backbone.js Testing Kindle Edition

Backbone.js Testing Kindle Edition

(By: Ryan Roemer )

The book brings challenges to the current techniques along with sensible practices in Backbone.js test development. The book is a great repository of fundamental testing concepts along with practical exercises and comprehensive test infrastructure designs. In the middle chapters you can find APIs and usage of three important testing tools, this include Chai – an assertion library, Mocha – a test runner and Sinon.JS – a library for test doubles. The best part of the book is that it does not get deviated and it sticks to its true meaning of its name.

Pro Single Page Application Development: Using Backbone.js and ASP.NET Kindle Edition

Pro Single Page Application Development: Using Backbone.js and ASP.NET Kindle Edition

(By: Gil Fink, Ido Flatow )

This is book is the best book to learn how to master single page application or SPA development along with key concepts of SPA architecture. This book will help you understand and master JavaScript development techniques and also introduce you to the popular Backbone.js library, also its usage in developing a SPA. You will learn to create backend using ASP.NET and also test run and measure the performance of your SPA. Moreover, you can overcome difficulties that you may encounter with SPA, in case of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

You now have information about a few excellent books on Backbone.js that can help you get a comprehensive understanding of Backbone.js. These books will help you understand the most basic Backbone js logic in the beginning and gradually move on to advanced levels of learning. You can make use of this article to choose the best book for you and start developing your applications. With these books, you will surely enhance your knowledge and apply the learnt concepts in your Backbone.js application development.

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