13 Best PayPal Alternatives

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PayPal Alternatives

Wondering about PayPal alternatives? Are there any better online payment services? There are plenty of PayPal competitors available for accepting credit cards and online payments.

We have a round-up of best PayPal alternatives for merchants to setup up their own online e-commerce business.

PayPal has emerged as an industry standard in today’s internet-connected world for processing online payments. However, not all are comfortable with PayPal due to their varied personal reasons. Some try to implement their own As such, the main reason why people fear PayPal today is because PayPal is not considered a bank in the United States and does not need to adhere to federal banking regulations. In fact, there are definite benefits of using a traditional merchant account over PayPal for many reasons whereas others are looking for more options.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is a secure online service that helps send money, and receive payments. The key reason for PayPal adoption is it can complete a transaction without revealing your financial details to another party.
The technology behind PayPal works on a simple idea. It uses the email address of the person involved in a transaction to make or receive payments. Each person can configure a PayPal account using an email address and link it to a bank account or credit card. Once the initial setup of linking accounts is done all work is done using the email address.

PayPal is a world leader in online payments and is adopted by most online sellers. It can easily integrate with any website, technology, and platform.

PayPal uses strong encryption software to secure transaction information.

As such, the main reason why people fear PayPal today is because PayPal is not considered a bank in the United States and does not need to adhere to federal banking regulations. In fact, there are definite benefits of using a traditional merchant account over PayPal for many reasons.

One of the prime reasons is that in the case of a traditional merchant account, your money gets deposited directly in your bank account and not a PayPal account. Therefore, you get more control over your money as well as your business and your money is protected by federal banking regulations in the case of a merchant account. For individuals who feel that they need an alternative to PayPal, here are the best Alternatives to PayPal for going ahead with their online payments. Read on…!

Amazon WebPay

WebPay is arguably the best free alternative to PayPal for customers, however, it is also a good option for merchants.
It provides an online payment service using an email address at no cost.
It also supports payment via text message using a mobile phone. You can use a credit card or a bank account to make payments.

• Amazon is Trusted by millions
• Lower Pricing
• Easy Integration


With WePay, customers can make purchases without leaving your website via a virtual terminal. This option to PayPal offers a very high level of fraud protection along with a very friendly
customer service team, WePay’s focus is to make your website more professional and focus on the individual’s interests rather than just base economic interests.

• Lower Pricing
• No setup, monthly, or hidden fees.
• Tokenization – Partners can use their own payment forms
• completely control the payment experience
• no iFrames or redirects
• While also reducing the scope of their PCI compliance.
• Easy Integration

2 Checkout

2 Checkout combines a merchant account with a payment gateway. Thus, customers can receive a credit card as well as PayPal Payments. Also part of 2 Checkout is international payments, a
robust shopping cart, as well as recurrent billing.


• Recurring billing options
• Simple buy buttons
• Fraud Prevention program
• Localized payment options
• Inline and Standard Checkout product
• 15 languages and 26 currencies
• Language-specific checkout process
• Payment API
• Multiple shopping cart integrations


Skrill, which was formerly known as Moneybookers, is a global alternative to PayPal but is targeted mainly at the UK and other European countries due to favorable merchant fees. Skrill is widely accepted by many top websites as well as service providers. Amongst the notable include
Skype, eBay, and oDesk. It is easy to use and also allows you to transfer an account balance onto a prepaid debit card almost immediately.


• Local Payment options
• Chargeback protection
• Cross-border payments in 40 currencies
• Low cost and instant service
• Micropayments
• Pre-integration with shopping carts
• Mass payouts to a bunch of payments (up to 100 recipients at once)
• Comprehensive reporting (web-based analytical tools)
• Graphic of a graph showing an upward trend
• Direct processing for increased flexibility in obtaining payments from customers
• Direct payment processing virtual terminal – no need for a website
• Recurring billing
• Tokenized payments – PCI-DSS-compliant infrastructure

Google Wallet

Google Wallet, which was formerly known as Google Checkout, is another global and good online payment online system. Although it does not have all the features of PayPal, it does a good job for personal as well as business payments. At the time of writing this article, it does not cost you to send money directly from your bank account or from your Google Wallet balance.


• 2.9% fee to send money via credit card
• Free to receive money or transfer it to your bank account
• $ 10,000 USD per single transaction limit
• No more than $ 50,000 USD per 5 days period
• $ 500 limit per 30 days for uploading money to your Wallet Balance with a credit/debit card.


Although Payoneer is very similar to other international services, its USP is that you get a virtual U.S. bank account with it. Despite higher fees, it has become popular and many sites accept it along with some of the best marketing networks.


• Payoneer Account
• US/EU Payment Service
• Companies Paying with Payoneer
• Services for Professionals and SMBs
• Withdraw to Bank Account
• Credit Card Loading
• Transfer Funds to Payoneer Accounts
• Referral Program
• Prepaid MasterCard® Card
• Global Bank Transfers
• Branded Cards


Formerly popular as AlertPay, PayZA’s is available in more than 190 countries. Generally offering low fees along with some free services, it is not so popular compared to other PayPal alternatives, but it is still accepted by many websites.


• Payment Buttons
• Centralized Management
• Shopping Cart Integration
• Corporate Disbursements
• Add Funds and Withdraw from your e-wallet
• Send Funds
• Resolution Center
• Available Currencies
• Send Invoices using the buyer’s email address
• Secure Online Payments
• Local Payment Options
• Referral Program
• Send money to home country

This payment is recommended for large, single-item transactions as this is an escrow service. Using this service significantly reduces the potential risk of fraud, as it acts as a trusted third party. The company collects the purchase funds and releases them only after both parties have agreed that the transaction has been completed to their satisfaction. This service is not really recommended for high volume transactions, but for services involving high ticket transactions, such as a car or a website.


• The safest way to conduct large transactions over the Internet
• Pricey fees
• Not really recommended for a payment service such as PayPal, but for large online transactions


This service provides a compatible credit card processing service for the US as well as international sellers. Being over ten years in the industry, it is a well-known provider of online payment processing solutions. The company works on a no setup/no cancellation fees approach and their transaction fees are lower compared to PayPal.


• Affordable Monthly fees for website processing along with eBay Processing
• eBay compatible shopping cart system
• Secure payment gateway
• Merchant account
• Five minutes completely online application process
• Most people are ready to accept credit cards the same day.
• Only compatible with eBay for US Bay users. However, international merchants can still use the service to accept all major cards outside of eBay.

Plixpay is a multicurrency wallet. You can deposit in euros, polish zlotys, pounds sterling and many more. Plixpay is the e-wallet of the 21st century – easy to use, always on hand with your smartphone or tablet. There are no restrictions on deposit amounts, our wallet has a multi-currency system that can hold different currencies at once for fast currency conversion. It offers integration and intuitive gateway management. Plix does not participate in deposit guarantee schemes.
Plix is hailed as the future of online payments and provides social credibility as well as protects the interests of your investors and clients. Launched in 2019, Plix is part of the EMP Systems group and offers straightforward online payment processing across a number of devices and processes including bank transfer, eCard, Tpay, Blink, and many more. A global solution, Plix offers competitive exchange rates which are updated every 90 seconds. Finance management is essential for a growing business and, Plix provides an affordable, fast, and easy solution for businesses of every size.


Via this provider, merchants can accept payments without a payment gateway. It is the latest innovation for small and medium-scale merchants who need to take payments on the go.


• Accepted eBay Provider
• Buyers from 60 countries can pay with a credit card – no Paymate account is needed
• However, available only in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand
• Multiple products – a single account and view.
• Combined Merchant Account and Payment Gateway
• Get paid quickly into a bank account
• Multiple currency payments (online Australian payments only)
• Fraud Protection
• PCI-DSS compliance
• Mobile payments
• Hosted Website payments
• Integrated Website payments
• eBay payments
• MOTO (Mail order / Telephone Order)

Intuit Payment Network

This is a quick payment network that is light on fees. You can make transfers from bank account to bank account through 1 – 2 business days, for which a flat 50 cent fee is charged. It can be linked to QuickBooks so that customers can pay from your QuickBooks Invoice.


• QuickBooks invoice transactions automatically recorded
• Intuit Merchant Services Included, thereby allowing sellers to accept credit card
• It also Bundles shopping cart software for e-commerce
• Most payments are deposited the next day.
• Automatic payments from the payor’s bank to the receiver’s bank.
• No setup or monthly fees, and no cancellation fees.


Square is a pioneer in iPhone and iPad-based payments, however, it’s also a really good alternative for merchants that want to quickly start accepting payment with a flair. The setup is absolutely easy and payments can be easily accepted on any iOS or Android device.


Dwolla offers a payment system that can be used to make payments online easily. They have a simple payment policy and are easy to integrate.

  • Updated on June 2019: Removed broken links.
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