10 Best Security Apps for Android

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Best Security Apps for Android

Today, as the smart phone has become the device of choice for all those on the move for accessing the Internet, data security has become an extremely sensitive issue the world over. Malware, viruses amongst other threatening software rule the dark side of the Internet with impunity. Extreme levels of care need to be taken, especially when the driving engine behind most smart phones is the Android OS.

As Android comes in many flavors as of today, and since it has been adopted by the majority of handset manufacturers globally, this issue has required to be tackled on a priority basis and on a war footing. The scenario can be even worse, if your phone is stolen or is accessed by undesired people. This article examines best apps for Smart phone security, especially those which are running Android:

iPhone owners may want to checkout our list of security apps for iOS devices.


If you are on the lookout for a free mobile app that is capable of protecting your android device around the clock from a wide range of mobile threats then Lookout Mobile Security is the right answer for you. This app is the perfect device security system in the post PC era. Lookout can secure you from unsecure WiFi networks, fraudulent links, malicious apps, etc.

Lookout Mobile Security can also backup contacts such as scheduling automatic backups, which can later be accessed online. It can also use this information to restore your device in case your phone crashes, or in the event of a data loss. You can also locate your phone on a Google map in case your phone is lost, even if the GPS is off.

Most of the top features are available for free with this app. However, the premium version offers much more with features such as remote locking, privacy scans, safe browsing, phishing protection, and app reports.

Anti Spy and Spyware Scanner

This app is a good help to identify any spyware apps on your android device. This can help you find and remove any spyware or location trackers that you do not see in list of installed apps.

Avast Free Mobile Security

This is a free mobile security app from the popular antivirus developer Avast. The Avast Free Mobile Security App includes a wide spectrum of anti malware as well as anti-theft features. Also included is browsing protection.
This prompts the user if s/he visits a malicious website. Users can also make good use of the privacy advisor, which helps you identify potentially dangerous installed apps. At the same time, an application manager lets you manage running apps.

Avast Free Mobile Security also includes SMS and call filtering. This feature helps block incoming messages as well as calls including outgoing calls that are based on times and contacts selected by the user. While the app lacks any backup functionality, enhanced anti-theft features along with a firewall are provided for rooted devices.
With Avast, it is also possible to automatically scan apps that you install. Avast can also do full scans of your installed apps on the phone and on the SD card. This can be done manually or you can even specify the days and times for automatic scans.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

The ESET mobile security comes with an interface that is completely easy to use as it provides real-time scanning of apps to detect malware and devious apps that try to send texts or make premium rate calls.

The ESET mobile security basic version is completely free and it also includes a set of anti-theft tools. With ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus, it is also possible to remotely locate as well as lock your Smartphone or tablet.

This feature also prevents anyone from uninstalling apps, by providing password protection. However, the remote wipe or SIM guard capabilities are available only with the premium version, which you have to pay for. This version provides additional features such as anti-phishing protection, an app audit feature, device monitoring so that unnecessary use of data can be checked, as also advanced call blocking.

Avira Antivirus Security

The Avira Antivirus Security for Android phones provides 100% detection rate along with no false positives. Hence, users can trust the free version of Avira to keep their android Smartphone or tablet safe. At the same time, it has a light footprint when it comes to performance. Also, it has a minimalist as well as sleek design, so that it fits snuggly with the Android platform.

With Avira, it is possible to scan apps for potential trouble, and it scans new apps or updates automatically. Also provided are a set of anti-theft tools, so that you can find your device remotely, or perform other actions such as locking, wiping, or even triggering an alarm.
Avira also provides an additional tool, which it claims is able to tell you whether your email account has been hacked, and what action you need to take if you have to. Also included are a variety of blacklisting options that can potentially take care of nuisance callers and spam.

BullGuard Mobile Security

BullGuard Mobile Security is a premier quality mobile security app that provides you with an online account so that you can remotely access your smart phone. You are also provided with a mobile security manager that works in tandem with your GPS, so in the case you lose your device, it can be easily locked remotely and can be wiped clean.

The BullGuard Mobile Security also includes a parental control module. This allows you to keep your children protected without directly accessing the phone. The app also includes anti-virus and anti-spyware, firewall, spam-filter, backup and restore features for contacts, along with SIM card protection. This app is available for Android, Symbian OS, Windows mobile, and Blackberry phones.

360 Mobile Security

With a detection rate of 100%, the focus of 360 Mobile Security (developed by Chinese Player Quiho) is a lightweight, streamlined and elegantly designed app that is completely free. With 360 Mobile Security, it is possible to safeguard your device from malware, spyware, and any threats of infection. At the same time, it is also capable of detecting as well as fixing system vulnerabilities. 360 Mobile Security cleans up idle background apps so that it can help your phone run more efficiently.
The app also includes a privacy advisor so that you can clear your usage history. In favor of a light touch, the app does not include a long list of extras. So, you will only find additional features such as call blocking, short cut toggles, as well as safe browsing option. This app also excludes the anti-theft component or the backup option.

Android Device Manager

This is a must have app for all its useful features. With the ability to track your lost device, and even ring it at max volume if you cannot find it, you couldn’t’ find a better app elsewhere. You can even lock your device or wipe your device from the web interface. This is a good way you can keep all sensitive data out of the hands of others. The best part of the deal is that this device is free.

Hotspot Shield VPN

This is a VPN app for your android device and is one of the most reasonably priced as well as popular VPN apps for android. With HotSpot VPN, can detect unsecured Wi-Fi to automatically enable HTTPS protection as well as automatically unblock content whenever certain apps or sites are accessed. It encrypts traffic in and out of your device for ultimate privacy. The Wi-Fi connection is secured with banking level HTTPS encryption, as your Wi-Fi network can be vulnerable even if the device is secure. It prevents hackers from stealing your private information and mask your IP address to browse the web anonymously as well as privately.

Snap Secure

Snap secure can automatically back up your data to your online account on a secure basis. From here, you can easily access your data, restore it, or transfer it to a new device if necessary. Snap Secure comes along with anti-virus as well as anti-spyware protection. It can also scan your new applications for malware. Calls from unknown or un-shown numbers and also unwanted SMS messages on Android devices can be easily blocked.

Snap Secure also includes a much-wanted privacy manager, in order to help you understand how apps are using your personal information. Also included are an anti-theft and a location tracker, which can be utilized in the case of the theft of your mobile device.
Another unique feature called the Personal Guardian helps the user to press a panic button to send out an email, SMS, or tweet along with your location, in case the user is in the midst of an emergency situation. This app is also available for iOS and BlackBerry devices. Both free as well as pro versions are available.

You may also be interested in VPN server software for other devices.

Cerberus Anti Theft

This is a free anti-theft app that includes many features which you can use for finding your lost or stolen device. With a standard web interface that you can see your device’s location, you can lock the device; hide the app from the app drawer, so that people will not know it exists.

You can even record audio from the microphone to know what is going on around it as well as get information about the service the phone is connected to while getting call logs as well. You can even remote control your phone through their website and even via text messages. At the same time, you can even obtain alerts via the SIM checker if someone uses the phone with an unauthorized SIM card.

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