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15+ Best Chrome Extensions for Responsive Web Design [UPDATED 2021]

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Wondering how to check responsive website in chrome? You can use chrome extensions for responsive design. Do you know how many responsive chrome extension exist? You may not be surprised that there are more than a dozen really useful responsive plugin at chrome marketplace.

Job of a responsive web design tester as well as developer can be much easier with these chrome addon.

Google Chrome is no longer a thing for the geeks but this minimalistic web browser has now become quite a popular choice, all over the world. This is not surprising in the wake of the remarkable job that Google has done in coming up with some excellent features that can blend in with your Google account.

Till now, the habitual IE or Firefox users were hesitant to give up their favorite web browsers as they found the integrated plug-ins or add-ons extremely useful. However, the Chrome extensions introduced by Google are the answer to this. These extensions have successfully replaced or replicated the functionality of plug-ins found in a typical browser.

For the first time ever in May 2012, Google Chrome edged out Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser. To achieve this position, Google has strategically added a range of plugin to Chrome and improved its features extensively to add synchronization with a range of web applications. These plugins are effective in creating, building, analyzing, maintaining and improving of websites. The given extensions on Google Chrome provide a plethora of features required for promoting cross-platform compatibility, robustness and scalability of a responsive website.

Below given are a set of responsive chrome extensions that you might find useful during responsive web design:

Responsive Image Helper Extensions

Image Size Info

This responsive chrome extension provides information about the image height, width and file size. Even file date as reported by the server is provided, however it may not always be accurate.

Simple Image Resizer

This resizes photos and images while retaining its quality; the mechanism offered is simple and effective.

Testing Responsive Resizing

Window Resizer

The window browser can be resized to show many screen resolutions using a Window Resizer. It is useful for web designers who want to test their layouts on different resolutions on laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

Testing Mobile Websites

User Agent Switcher

It switches between the user-agent strings to help develop a site that can work on both mobile browsers and desktops. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome is the answer for your need to switch quickly between user agent strings.

HTML And CSS Extensions

CSS Reloader

It Allows Reloading Of CSS Of Web Pages Without Reloading The Page. The Keyboard Shortcuts Can Be Customized Under This Option. At A Fraction Of A Second, People Can Get Their Page Reloaded Which Can Done By Clicking Either The F9 Key Which Is Allotted For It (which Can Be Changed As Per Customer Requirement) Or Just Clicking On The Name In A Drop Down Toolbar.

Debugging Extensions

Web Developer

It adds a button with integrated web development tools. It is the web developer extension port used by Firefox which provides a development framework to web application developers.

Fonts Related Extensions

What Font

This extension can effectively inspect the web fonts. You need to hover over the font to find out the type of font.

The strategy to empower web developers and site owners by providing free and valuable toolkits such as the ones described above, has helped Google dominate the web browser market. These extensions basically provide a platform to test interoperability of website design and augment user-friendliness. These tools not only increase productivity in a website, but eventually boost website traffic.

Google Chrome, with its new set of extremely innovative and useful extensions, is like a dream come true for those web developers who deal with responsive design and wish to enhance their productivity. With the help of the above given extensions, you will easily be able to design and produce a highly responsive website.

Legacy Addons: Not available anymore

Some old addons are not available for chrome anymore. Those are listed below.


It allows changing dimensions of web page for devices such as tablets, mobile, desktop computer, also testing the designs.

Responsive Web Design

It tests the responsiveness of web designs on Google Chrome. Its web version can be found on Interestingly, this extension does not have a customizable resolution option.


The tool tests the website in a given browser size. The aim is to test responsive design media queries and screen configurations which support tablet view (portrait orientation at 768 x 1024) and mobile-based view (portrait orientation at 320 x 480 and landscape orientation at 480 x 320). On clicking, a new window pops up for the current tab for a given window dimension. One can customize height and width as per requirements as well.

Responsive Inspector

It is a simple tool which allows viewing the media queries related to the previously visited website. It gives a responsive web layout to the pages that can be seen visually and also shows the resolutions found in CSS stylesheets. Along with this, the Pixel Perfect browser resizing, page screenshots for saving pages, CSS media query code viewing and web design sharing are also provided.

Responsive Web Design Tester

This is a responsive web design tester addon for chrome. This extention supports multiple mobile device screen size and browsers.
This makes extension makes responsive testing in chrome must easier.

Mobile Toolkit

The toolkit checks the compatibility of a website on a mobile device. It validates the code of the webpage for mobile compatibility and checks it on emulators to provide documentation to improve its compatibility. Furthermore, the extension offers one-click code validation, mobile render emulation, language reference and mobile developer resources.

Mobile Tester

It aims to test mobile websites having numerous resolutions by emulating its screen resolution and user agent. It can test several mobile devices in tandem.

W3C HTML5 & CSS3 Validator

It is a shortcut button used for quick validations. It is not a local or offline validator and has the option of showing warnings and errors. Moreover, with this extension, validation can be customized — it can be set to automatic or manual, personal or public.

HTML5 FileSystem Explorer

It gives file browser access to file systems in Google Chrome sandbox. The tool is a must for developers working on FileSystem API as its helper extension provide developers browsing into the content of a local web FileSystem created through FileSystem API.

Firebug Lite

It is an activation scheme which is simple to install. The button is greyed out as you visit the webpage when it is deactivated. Once clicked, it will turn orange and will activate firebugs for the pages in the domain. The aim is to report bugs to Google.

Performance Tuning Extensions

Speed Tracer

The tool helps to identify problems and fix it in web applications. A developer can get web page metrics from the browser and it can be examined as the application runs. It gives a clear picture of the time spent on various applications. For example, JavaScript parsing, DOM Event handling, layout and CSS style recalculation. This feature is available in Google Chrome 18 or later versions.


The tool helps to analyse the web pages and improve performances which are based on rules for high performance. YSlow provides information related to page performance, components, summarizes the component details and shows statistics related to the web page.

Article Updates

  • Article Updated on August 2021. Some HTTP links are updated to HTTPS. Updated broken links with latest URLs. Some minor text updates done. Content validated and updated for relevance in 2021.
  • Updated on September 7th 2016 : Fixed broken links
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