5 Reasons You Need a VPN for Your iPhone

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5 reasons you need a VPN for your iPhone

A responsible car owner will be learning the basics of his vehicle’s functions for maintenance and safety reasons, and yet when it comes to surfing the web the majority of us are clueless.

Firstly, we need to understand that each PC, Mac, iPhone, and tablet receive a secret name that allows them to converse with others. Each time the device says hello to another device it opens a connection that without protections leaves it completely exposed.

In order to create a safer web, there is an automated process of layering the secret name with a nickname that is given by the Internet Service Provider and encryption. Creating a buffer and protection.

A Virtual Private Network is another way to give additional layers of protection by wrapping our conversations with more encryption and better nicknames. By using more and better nicknames, it becomes easier to hide tracks and avoid threats.

The quality of the encryption, connection speed and potential pool of nicknames to borrow are the factors that separate a good free VPN to one which should be avoided.

Secure the iPhone While in Public

For most of us, there are three things that will always be in our pockets as we leave our home: wallet, keys, and our iPhone.

The iPhone stores our calendar, photos, passwords, favorite applications, games, contacts and much more making it an invaluable accessory that the mere thought of losing it could lead to a panic attack.

It is common to use public Wi-fi networks wherever we find one whether it is a café, office, or shops to save on our internet data usage and for better reception. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget that those networks are often insecure and place our iPhones at peril.

A free VPN for iPhone will not only mask your IP but also hide your traffic and protect your iPhone from any cyber criminals which might be sharing the use of the Wi-Fi network.

Avoiding Bandwidth Throttling

Despite no clear admission many of us are familiar with the shady tactics Internet Service Providers and Mobile Network providers often use to avoid upholding their part of the bargain.

Bandwidth Throttling is when the service provider places minor unofficial restrictions and limitations in order to limit internet usage. This tactic had been used to discourage heavy internet usage by clients, especially ones on unlimited plans.

By encrypting the traffic that passes through the network a VPN can effectively ‘blind’ the service providers and decrease the likelihood of the network being throttled for downloading or streaming too much.

Accessing Geo-restricted Content

We all have our favorite shows or sports that we love to follow and accessing it easily is part of the marketing behind Netflix and most of the prominent services out there.

However, due to licensing restrictions, a lot of this content is often hidden or restricted from access even while paying for the service. Whether it is sports that are uncommon in the country or a show in a foreign language some of your favorite content might be out of reach.

Being able to choose which country to connect from is an option usually available to the best free VPN for iPhone out there. For example, if you are looking to watch Canadian content, the use of a canadian VPN will help you with unlocking any regional restrictions and freeing the client to enjoy his content.

Bypassing Regional Censorship

Living abroad can offer many challenges, some of those are caused by the process of adopting a new culture or learning a new language. However, some are purely the result of government restrictions.

In the modern global age, the internet reaches everywhere and provides the ability to learn, work, and self-entertain but for some countries, this trend is seen as a threat and they act severely by restricting access to web content and streams which they deem harmful.

If you are like me, disconnecting from your reliable news channel, TV shows, or web content to accommodate the whims of a country you are only temporarily visiting seems less than reasonable especially when done in private.

A VPN network allows the user to bypass the country’s censorship and access the content he is used to consuming as if he was back in his home country.

Price Reduction

Pricing a product isn’t an exact science and valuing its worth in an international market with a fluctuating currency exchange rate means that sometimes prices will be cheaper in one region than in another.

Thanks to a well-designed VPN extension to Safari the iPhone can quickly load and the same store page from different regions for a quick scan of the best possible prices available.


Internet traffic grows by the day with more and more users around the globe becoming active users of the web. Traversing from one webpage to another, making purchases and expanding business increased the temptation of harmful individuals exponentially.

VPNs sprouted as a countermeasure to this risk and many offer their services for free but a thoughtful examination shows that the new iPhone VPN application by Urban serves the best.

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