The Smart And Convenient QacQoc USB Type-C Hub

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 The Smart and Convenient QacQoc USB Type-C Hub

Since the advent of USB technology, connectivity has become a lot easier, faster and convenient. Most TV sets and appliances today come with USB ports. This technology helped us get rid of those bulky devices such as DVD players, Compact Disks and the need for disc drives in computers, And this technology has become way faster and powerful with the Type-C USB interface. This interface acts as a single port for multiple purposes such as charging devices, connecting accessories and for transferring data.

So most computers today just come with USB C ports and that makes it inconvenient for people who want to connect devices and accessories with other types of connectors. Thanks to the QacQoc USB type C hub, that now makes it possible to connect multiple devices to your Macbook or other computers with a single C port.

 The Smart and Convenient QacQoc USB Type-C Hub

Design And Features

  • Firstly, the QacQoc GN30H USB hub is a very compact in size that makes it really easy for you to carry with you at all times. So it does not hold much space on your desk or workstation and light enough to fit your pocket.
  • It has a sleek design with the aluminum casing that not only makes it look great but adds sturdiness to the hub. It has reinforced cable house that holds all the internal circuitry firmly. So it does make the product quite durable and you can use for several years.
  • This USB type C hub comes with a fixed type C cable to connect it to your computer. It has three high-speed USB 3.0 ports where you can connect your pen drives or accessories such as the mouse, keyboard, USB speakers, etc.
  • There is an HDMI port that lets you connect your computer to an external display unit such as a monitor, television or even a projector. So you can enjoy high-resolution HD picture quality on a big screen.
  • There is an ethernet port using which you can instantly connect your MacBook to a wired network. This is great when you are traveling as some hotels provide high-speed Ethernet connectivity. You can even connect it to ports in your office or even connect an external antenna for better reception of a wireless network.
  • There are two ports for a micro sd card and sd card too. So you can transfer photos and videos from SD card of your camera onto your computer. This eliminates the need for having a separate card reader in case you need.
  • There is another USB type c port to connect your charging cable and use the hub to charge your laptop and other devices at the same time too. The advantage of QacQoc USB hub here is that you still connect your other devices while it is in the charging mode. So no need to disconnect the power source to use it for data transfer or something else.
  • The GN30H USB hub comes in four attractive colors to choose from; gold, grey, silver and rose gold. So you can choose the one that suits the color of your MacBook.


  • A single hub for connecting multiple devices simultaneously without any hassles or disruptions.
  • Lightweight and handy that makes it easy to carry in your backpack. No more bulky connectors and the need for having multiple external ports to connect additional devices
  • Supports iOS, Android and Windows PCs and tablets and hence you can use the same hub for multiple computers.
  • Acts as a hub for transferring data between multiple devices including simultaneous data transfers. So you can save a lot of time when you are multi-tasking.


  • There is no individual LED indicators to show that the device is connected. However, since connectivity is instant, you will get the notification on your computer.
  • The fixed USB type c cable that comes with QacQoc USB hub is very short. But you can easily extend the size by using a type-c USB extension cable that you can buy from any computer store.
  • The spacing between USB ports is less that can make it difficult when you are connecting a bigger USB drive or device. But considering the fact that the USB drives and devices today come with compact connectors, you are unlikely to face this problem.

Overall, the QacQoc GN30H USB type c hub is a single device for your multiple connectivity problems. You can easily transform your single port computer into a hub that connects every other device in your home. This hub prevents you from buying a bulkier laptop just because you want all your ports in it.

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