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How to Recover Lost Photo, Video, Music and Archive From Hard Drive?

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Looking for Data recovery software? You may have come to the right place for a good data recovery tool to your rescue.

Hard drives fail all the time and it can be really painful to recover data from it. Many people permanently lose their data due not knowing how to recover it from a failed hard drive. It can be a daunting task for anyone, especially when you are not an expert at it.

Hard drive data recovery may be easily done if you have the right tools available for you. Using Wondershare data recovery software you can very easily recover lost data from hard drive.

Why You Need Hard Drive Data Recovery?

Below are some key reasons you need to recover lost data from Hard Drive.

Hard Drive Failures Are Common

Modern hard drives are designed for staying long term, however, they are not failure-proof. You can not expect them to work forever. Every hard drive has mechanical and electronic parts that have limited life span. Despite extreme good care, your hard drive will fail. This can be delayed however, you can not avoid it.

Data recovery is your last resort in case you are completely surprised by a hard drive failure that you could not imagine. It has happened to me once when a newly bought laptop drive crashed after few weeks of use. I am glad the data recovery software was able to recover data from it.

Keeping Redundant Data Is Costly

You can always keep a redundant copy of your data in multiple hard drives however it may be costly depending on your data size.

No Operating System Is Perfect

These problems are not unique to Windows PCs. Hard drive failure can happen on any operating system including Mac OS X, Linux, Ubuntu.

Virus and Worms Can Do A Lot of Data Damage

There are plenty of virus and worms on all operating systems. Many of this malicious software can damage your data files. Such files can be easily recovered with the help of a data recovery software.

Accidental Deletion of files Is Not A Problem Anymore

Accidental deletion of any file may be easily recovered with a data recovery software. This type of mistake does not always happen however if you made a mistake you do not need to worry.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Recommended 

There are many data recovery software available on the internet. Many of them promise to recover various files types. I prefer using a software that can support multiple device types including internal and external hard drives. The software must be able to detect all file systems including NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT. The software should also be able to support various popular hard drive vendors like Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital and more.

I have personally tried Wondershare Hard Drive Data Recovery software on Mac OS X and found it really powerful yet simple to use.

The single most favorite reason for me to use wondershare data recovery software is the speed of data recovery. This software is really fast and it can recover large data from big drives very quickly. Some customers have reported that it can recover up to 70G of lost data just in 3 hours.

Recover Hard Drive Data With Wondershare Data Recovery

Steps to recover data from a hard drive using wondershare data recovery software.

  • Install the wondershare data recovery software.
  • Connect your hard drive (if it is external) 
  • The software can detect a wide variety of hard drive types. Select the required hard drive from “select path” dialog. In case the drive is not autodetected, Click “Refresh Drives” button to redetect connected drives.

  • Select file types to scan

  • Select the file types that you want to recover. It is faster to select specific file types. However, In case you are not sure which files are lost, you select all by clicking “Mark All” button. 
  • Now hit the “Scan” button to start software discovery for lost files. 
  • Scan results will be displayed after some time. These results may take time based on the size of the drive.

  • Identify the files you want to recover and hit “Recover” button. 
  • This will open a dialog to choose the location of recovered files. Select your preferred folder here and hit “Recover” button.
  • Done. All your files should be recovered in the selected folder.

Tips for hard drive Data Recovery

When you have a failure of hard drive or a storage follow below tips to avoid permanent loss of data and easy recovery of data.

  • When you lose a file from a hard drive you should stop using the hard drive for more data storage. This will improve the chance of your data recovery by not overwriting your lost file. 
  • You should also stop space consuming processes. This is mainly to avoid overwriting of your files by these process data. Many software like word, excel, outlook and browsers require storage space to maintain user related information. 
  • Do not abruptly disconnect the hard drive. It can be frustrating to lose important data. When you lose data keep your patience and do not disconnect or unplug a hard drive abruptly.
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