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25 Responsive jQuery Plugins

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With Google’s mobile-friendly update, responsive web designs have become a crucial ranking factor. Due to this update, several coveted companies worldwide have started to adopt a responsive design for their business websites.

With the advent of various web-based development tools like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Jquery, and others, creating responsive web design are not an uphill task anymore.

Among several such tools, jQuery is the crucial one that enables designers to create responsive layouts. It is something that makes web pages livelier. With the aid of Jquery plugins, you can revive navigation, sliders, images, carousels, calendars, and other components of your website.

Today, there are a plethora of Jquery plugins are available that you can use to transform your site into a responsive one. If you are looking for some Jquery plugins to revive your website, then this blog may prove useful for you.


ANIMSITION is a simple yet powerful plugin. When it comes to adding page transitions with CSS animations, developers use this plugin a lot as it provides a wide choice of 58 different animations whether it is fade-in, fade-out, rotate, zoom, overlay, and a lot more.
Browser Support (CSS3): IE 10+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox. 


anoFlow is a lightweight, responsive lightbox plugin. It is a perfect choice for mobile development that is available free for personal and commercial use. 

Brick Work

Brick Work is a lightweight (15kb) full-featured plugin that are extensively used for creating responsive, dynamic layouts. Further, it supports almost all the browsers like chrome, opera, safari, IE 8.0+, Firefox. 


Data-Img is a simple yet reliable plugin that deals with responsive image delivery. It just replaces images from ‘background-image URL’ or ‘image src’ depending on screen width.


By using FitText, a featured-rich plugin, you can make the font sizes of your web page flexible. This plugin helps developers and designers to achieve scalable headlines for the websites.


A website that lacks interactivity will be worthless to design. Use FitVids.JS plugin that allows designers and developers to embed fluid-width videos on web pages. Well, credit goes to its developer Chris Coyier and Paravel.


Flickerplate is a full-featured and touch-enabled responsive plugin that allows designers to ‘flick’ through content. This plugin is extensively used by designers to create responsive layouts for websites. 


If you want to see web typography at its finest, use FlowType.JS. Today, on several websites the most legible typography contains between 45-75 characters per line, and it is quite difficult to accomplish the sale for all screens with only CSS media queries. Further, this plugin simplifies this difficulty by changing empowering designs to change font size based on a particular element’s width. 


fullPage.js from Alvaro Trigo is a powerful plugin that allows designers to create fast and simple full-screen scrolling pages.


When it comes to providing easy cursor key navigation by positioning sections and asides in a grid, Gridscrolling.js plugin is the first choice among designers.


Ijq-idealforms is a full-featured framework that allows designers to create and validating responsive HTML5 forms. Moreover, it supports third party extensions and all modern browsers.


For creating a dynamic grid layout, Masonry is a powerful jQuery plugin. Designers use this plugin to place elements at the optimal position based on vertical space. You may have seen it in use on several websites. 


nanoGALLERY is a touch-enabled image gallery plugin that empowers designers to design fully responsive image galleries with different layouts. By using this plugin, you can provide an elegant look to your website gallery.


pagePiling.js is a fantastic jQuery plugin that allows designers to pile layout sections over one another that users can access by scrolling. It supports all modern browsers and old browsers like Opera 12 and IE 8. Further, it gives plenty of options and methods to use, a perfectly designed plugin to work on tablets and smartphones.


When it comes to creating an enthralling image gallery for smartphones and desktops, PhotoSwipe is highly preferred and used by designers. 

Tables often break a responsive layout. Don’t let this happen in your case. To make your tables adapt to the small screens, you can rely on Responsive Tables, a jQuery plugin that helps you get rid of the layout-disturbing table issue. You can also use a WordPress tables plugin that can do everything almost automatically for you

Responsive Calendar

Responsive Calendar is a feature-rich and fully responsive jQuery plugin that is available free for non-commercial use. The websites that use this plugin allow freedom to users to add, delete, and remove events.

Responsive Nav

Responsive Nav is a powerful tiny JavaScript plugin that and helps designers to create a toggled navigation for small screens. It uses CSS3 transitions to provide the best possible layouts with an assured performance. It works well with almost all the main desktop and mobile browsers.


ResponsiveSlides.js is a fully responsive jQuery plugin that weighs just 1kb. Further, it provides multiple slideshow options that designers can use to create enticing effects on their websites.

Responsive Tabs

Responsive Tabs is a must-have plugin that fulfills the need of creating responsive tabs. The tabs created with the aid of this plugin quickly adapt to any screen to provide a perfectly responsive experience to the users. It is an ideal solution for creating tabs that work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 


When it comes to creating big, bold, and responsive headlines for websites, SlabText provides great support to designers. It quickly adapts to different screens and provides a unique look and feel to a website.


Slicknav is a must-have Jquery plugin that provides multi-level support and cross-browser compatibility that allows designers to create eye-catching menus.


Slidebars is a lightweight (2kb) plugin that helps designers to create an app-style push menu and sidebars for websites.


timeBOX is a powerful plugin that enhances the content of any site. Its beautiful and responsive overlay helps designers to create a responsive layout. It is one of the best Lightbox plugins. Further, it provides cross-browser support and is compatible with WordPress 4.0 or greater.


TinyNav.js is a must-have Jquery plugin that weighs just 452 bytes that are created to work for small screens like iPhones. This plugin empowers designers to transform navigation menus into a selection for smartphones.


The Jquery plugins that I mentioned above are extensively used to create responsive layouts. If you want to transform your web pages into responsive layouts, then surely these plugins will help you. Did you like this post, don’t forget to drop your valuable comments below.

Abhyudaya Tripathi is a digital marketing expert with over 8 years of precious experience and presently he is an Associate Director at ResultFirst. He is extremely passionate about making information seekers and quest lovers aware about digital marketing.

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