10 Ways To Become A Mobile Entrepreneur

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10 Tips To Become A Mobile Entrepreneur

Mobile entrepreneurship has become a trend in today’s time. As a startup entrepreneur, you are looking for new ideas and solutions to everyday challenges. These come easier, when you give yourself a chance to explore everything that’s completely new. Meeting new people helps you think laterally and gather more ideas and knowledge about what’s going on. You can find resources online and do-not need to employ full time resources to launch your startup.

Here are some tips that will help you become a successful mobile entrepreneur:

Save Enough

Traveling while at work is fun and more so when you have adequate money. While you plan to become a mobile entrepreneur, you need to understand the monthly cost of living at the location you plan to move to. You can choose locations that you may find enjoyable to live in, while understanding the cost of living. Besides that, one has to consider the traveling costs as well. So, calculating the total money you need, to live at a certain location, for say about 2 months would be suitable.

Keep the Necessary Stuff With You

You need to keep all the essential stuff with you. This includes your laptop and your mobile phone, to begin with. There are online services that help you take a backup of all the information that is stored in your laptop. Keeping an external hard drive would help you store all the extra data that may not possibly fit into your laptop. You must keep the basic stationery like notebooks and a few pens etc.

Plan Yourself

As a mobile entrepreneur, you need to plan your activities and your free time. Remember, you are not on a perpetual holiday. Keep aside time for leisure after your working hours. You must have a basic level of discipline so you can be as productive as you have always been.

Choosing a Location

Choosing the right locations to travel and work is important too. A city that you may love to live in, may not be very suitable for the work you do. Do a thorough research on the facilities like internet access etc. before choosing your next destination.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

As a mobile entrepreneur, you need to begin by hiring a virtual assistant. The professional must be a trained one and independent, having an understanding of the fact that you are on the move. This way you can focus on strategizing for the business and be more productive overall.

Building a Team

Hiring the right set of people is critical for the success of your business. There are various sources for finding remote employees for your projects. One can easily have the top notch talent on-board and within no time. Giving your team the appropriate level of authority would enable you to focus on what’s more important. Having a work agreement with your remote employees is a must as well.

The Second Income Source

You may be starting a new venture or may have an existing one, having a secondary source of income while on the move, is essential. You can consider this to be your financial backup. You may be a skilled writer or a designer or a consultant for that matter. You can use your own skillset to earn extra money while you fuel your startup.

Network With People

The biggest opportunity for you as a mobile entrepreneur is to meet new people and connect with them. Knowing people in more than one country would help you to scale up your business. You can find these people virtually or at business events and can tell them about your business. Your objective is to get more and more people to be interested in your business.

Know The Right Time To Seek Funding

Getting funded for your startup is definitely crucial for the success of your enterprise. But, as a travelling entrepreneur, you need to prove your dedication towards your startup. Once you have taken your startup to a level where you have a reasonable number of customers, you can start looking for investors.

Be Committed

As a mobile entrepreneur you should be committed to your business idea. You must ensure that being on the move is adding to the opportunities and not hurdles. Think more like an entrepreneur and less like a traveller and you will enjoy the process more.

To be a mobile entrepreneur is definitely an innovative idea itself. To be successful as one, requires perseverance and dedication. Strategically planning your business moves and travel will help broaden both, opportunities as well as chances of success.

Ved Raj is a business enthusiast. He writes about startups, remote teams and outsourcing.

He is working as a Marketing Manager with ValueCoders, a leading provider of remote development teams.
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