15 Useful Apple Watch Tips

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Apple watch is quite a new platform and there are many people out there who are not aware of what this device can actually do and how to do it. It has a completely new interface and that is why some people are not yet familiar with all the things this device is actually capable of doing.

Due to a large trusted fan base Apple watch is currently best selling gadget.

If you haven’t seen this device or you are not aware of what it can do, be sure to check out this text and you might end up amazed by how powerful this little thing actually is.

Replying To A Message

Once you get a message there is no need to bother with typing the response. You can dictate on your Apple Watch and then you’ll get an option to send the audio message, or will the recorded sound be turned into text and all you have to do is check it and click send. This is a great option, especially when you are in a hurry.

Make A Payment

Apple Pay is surely a preferable choice over other alternatives. Making a payment through apple watch is very easy as long as you have done the initial setup of apple pay. Below video demonstrates how you can easily make payment using apple watch.

Use Punctuations When Dictating

When you dictate a message on this device, it won’t be all lower-case and unpunctuated messages. You can simply say which punctuation mark should be put and Siri will do this for you. Even if you find saying “comma” in the middle of a sentence as strange at the beginning you will soon get used to it and use it effectively.

iWatch app

A Text When Not Answering

If you are doing something and you cannot respond when someone calls you, you can decline the call and just by pressing one button text hat person that you cannot talk right now or that you will call them later. All it takes is to press one button and you can continue doing what you were doing before it started ringing.

Talking On The iPhone

If you have answered a call on your watch you do not have to talk on it during the whole conversation. Just by clicking on one button in the left-bottom corner you can transfer the call to your iPhone and keep talking on that other device.

Emergency Mute

This is another great option this device has. If you in the middle of a meeting or an important dinner and you have forgotten to turn on the silent mode and you watch suddenly starts ringing there is no need to panic. All you have to do is to put the palm of your hand on the screen and hold it like that for 3 seconds.

After that you’ll be able to mute the device just by clicking on one button.

iphone iwatch app

Where Is My iPhone?

At some point, each and every one of us has left their phones somewhere and was not able to find them for a couple of minutes. This can be quite tricky, especially when you are in a hurry. With Apple Watch, this won’t be such a big problem anymore.

You can ping your iPhone from your Apple Watch and find it easily. If you hold the button instead of just pressing it, flashlight on your iPhone will also turn and increase your chances of finding it.

Taking Screenshots

On all of the devices people are not always aware of how to make a screenshot. With Apple Watch, this is quite easy, just by pressing both side buttons at the same time and you’ll be informed that the screenshot has been made by the flashing light on your screen. The screenshot you make is going to be saved in the camera roll of the connected phone.

Power Reserve Mode

This is a great option for traveling or when you simply don’t have time to charge your device. You can turn on the power reserve mode and keep your Apple Watch turned on even up to additional 72 hours. Of course, when this mode is turned on, most of its functions will be shut down but the device will still be on.

Airplane Mode

Same as with the most of regular phones, when you are in the plane there is no need to turn off your Apple Watch completely. There is the airplane mode which allows you to use the device even when you are flying. Once you turn on airplane mode on your watch, the same thing will happen with the device that is connected to it.

This way, there is no need to do this twice while you are preparing for the flight.

Talking To Siri

Since there is no keyboard on this device, there has to be something that will make using it easier. Of course, there is Siri to whom you can talk to and who can help you to do everything you would otherwise do on the keyboard. Holding a digital crown will turn on this option.

Siri can be used for making appointments and many other things. Siri can also turn on above mentioned airplane mode.

talking to siri using apple watch

Great Use Of iPhone’s Camera

There are more reasons why Apple Watch is connected to the camera on your iPhone apart from just taking pictures. Since the two are connected you can turn on the camera on your iPhone and see exactly the same thing on your Apple Watch. This is of course, useful when you are trying to read something at an awkward place or checking if there is something under your bed or closet.

Clear All Notifications

When you have checked out all of your notifications you can easily clear all of them with merely just one press of a button. All you have to do is press the screen firmly and then tap Clear All. This way you’ll get rid of all of the notifications you have already seen.

Color Of Animated Faces

When you are replying from your Apple watch you can choose different colors of your favorite Emoji faces and send them to your friends. When you touch the Emoji it will turn from yellow to red or vice-versa.

Some of these options were available on regular phones and some are new. All of them are very useful and there are no doubts you will find using all of them very helpful and interesting.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks Playlist

We have compiled as list of really cool tips and tricks on youtube for apple watch. These tips are contributed by various people and comes handy when you can see them in a video.

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