6 Best Node.js Books For Web Developers

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Node.js Books For Web Developers

Are you aware of Node.js? There is no doubt about the increasing reach of JavaScript in every area of web development. Node.js is another extension of JavaScript and it can be explained as a runtime system whose main application is to create server-side apps. It is highly popular among Java Coders to create real-time APIs for different web development projects. Node.js is not exactly JavaScript. It is an open-source platform with a SSJS run-time environment and capability to handle I/O in a non-blocking manner. You need to install node.js in your system before running or using it for different purposes.

If you are planning to understand Node.js in a better manner, here are some excellent books to get in touch with this technology.

What Is Node?

What Is Node?
(By: Brett McLaughlin )
If you are looking for a quick review of Node.js and would like to understand the basics of this program, this is the right book for you. It is rather a crash course of Node.js that offers some important details and concepts of this language. It is developed for the people who are trying to understand Node.js as a technology and would like to make a decision accordingly. It offers a fair amount of details about the technology and important differences between other similar technologies. There might be a chance that you might find it short, but considering the purpose of the book, it does justice with the title.

Professional Node.js: Building Javascript Based Scalable Software

Professional Node.js: Building Javascript Based Scalable Software
(By: Pedro Teixeira )
Node.js has evolved as powerful platform for creating scalable networking apps with JavaScript. The book starts with an introduction of Node.js and moves quickly to the important concepts, APIs, and coding part. It allows significant insights that allow readers to create their own modules within the first few chapters. You can start with a basic understanding of different concepts including modules, events, buffers, and timers. In addition to the basic understanding, it allows a detailed study of techniques used for unit testing, debugging, and flow control. It is a complete book for candidates interested in understanding Node.js and start using this platform professionally.

Node.js the Right Way: Practical, Server-Side JavaScript That Scales

Node.js the Right Way: Practical, Server-Side JavaScript That Scales
(By: Jim R. Wilson )
If you have a fair idea of Node.js and would like to increase your understanding of this platform, this book is apt for you. Most of the online books and sources have highlighted Node.js as a technology for light/simple applications; this book explains the true power of Node.js. It explains the possible implementation of this technology instead of using it for bare-bone web applications. You will learn the basics and start with simple callbacks, asynchronous file I/O, different patterns of a network, and then create your individual HTTP server. The book includes different patterns and examples explaining the in-depth concepts of Node.js.

Learning Node.js: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications in JavaScript

Learning Node.js: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications in JavaScript
(By: Marc Wandschneider )
Node.js is highly efficient and helps you create scalable server-based applications. This book start with the basic overview and you will start by installing Node.js, have a basic knowledge of its extensions, and a quick course to write your first application. The book progresses with more complex applications of Node.js and you can extend it to create powerful Node.js applications. The book gradually moves towards the understanding of best testing practices and you will be able to run your code over production servers. This book includes some of the simplest examples that allow you to have a better understanding of Node.js.

Smashing Node.js: JavaScript Everywhere

Smashing Node.js: JavaScript Everywhere
(By: Guillermo Rauch )
Node.js is one of the most popular and rising technologies of the past year. If you are planning to become a programmer in Node.js, this book will help you understand Node.js and best practices for creating efficient web applications. In the past few years, the traditional web servers have taken a back seat and it is time to use technologies with optimal resource consumption and scalability. This book contains multiple examples of Node.js concepts and practices to implement real-time apps in your web application. It will give you an idea of JavaScript and its importance in Node.js development.

The CLI Book – Writing successful Command Line Clients with Node.js

The CLI Book - Writing successful Command Line Clients with Node.js

(By: Robert Kowalski )

Writing command line clients using Node.js has become popular after Git and npm. This book focuses on creating awesome command line clients using Node.js programming. The book provides step by step guidelines that are easy to follow.

In the first part of the book Robert Kowalski talks about the best practices and principles of building CLI applications. Second part of the book focuses on building a application using these principles and practices described in first part of the book.

This book is available in almost all eBook formats including PDF, ePub and Mobi.

Node.js is an upcoming technology with immense potential in the next few years. The good thing is that very few people are aware of this technology and it might help to start as soon as possible. These books will help you understand Node.js effectively and you will have a better idea of techniques and best practices for development using Node.js.

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