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5 Reasons Why You Need Responsive Web Design

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Key Reasons Why You Need Responsive Web DesignA website says a lot about a business. When a visitor comes to a site, they will make a quick decision on the company based on the layout and content of a site.

With an e-commerce business, the responsiveness and layout is even more valuable. Brick and mortar businesses and online businesses need a solid, well-designed website built with the customer in mind.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not spend enough time on developing and setting up their site, and they suffer tremendously. Though responsive web design takes time, the time spent will be worth it as the business will see an increase in conversions.

Here are five reasons a site should have responsive web design.

Think of the Future When Making A Site

When creating a website, many webmasters will make a fantastic site. The problem is; a lot of webmasters will make a site with inefficient and bad code. With bad code, it will be more difficult for programmers in the future to make small changes to the site.

The average person does not know the importance of good code, but it cannot be understated. Not only will clean code make life easier in the future; the site will render better in all browsers. With well-written code, the site owner can have confidence that the site will render in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. When a website designer takes time to create code right the first time, it will save the business owner a lot of time and money in the future.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

When making a site with responsive web design techniques, the site will do better in the leading search engine rankings. Google recommends that a website owner create a site with a responsive web design as it is easier for Google to crawl the site. When a blogger does not use responsive web design techniques, it is likely that the blog will appear to have duplicate content, and the site will suffer in the organic search ranking results. The issue is so serious that a webmaster must create a site right the first time.

SEO is a tough game. When a site owner does it wrong the first time, he or she may have to wait a long time to see results in the SEO game. Though almost nobody realizes it, search engine results will do better in a site with clean and well-written code.

Mobile and Tablets Have Increasing Market Share

As mentioned, when a site owner has clean code, the site will render properly in all of the web browsers. Furthermore, with clean code, a site will look great in all of the cell phone and tablet devices.

Every day, cell phone and tablet traffic accounts for more traffic on the Internet, and a smart entrepreneur needs to realize this quickly. When a site does not render at all, or renders poorly, a visitor will take their business elsewhere. Luckily, with responsive web design techniques, a site will keep mobile visitors happy. Furthermore, responsive web design will help the site in the future as it will render in new mobile browsers and systems with ease.

The recent mobile and tablet evolution has changed the number of people browsing from these devices and this is only going to increase in coming decade with network and hardware advancements.

Here are some exclusive tips to make awesome mobile friendly website.

Higher Conversion Rates

If you are running a e-commerce site, it is crucial to have a high conversion rate. Now, some people may not understand this term. A conversion rate is the rate at which a website converts visitors to customers. Some e-commerce site owners have an incredible amount of traffic and have low conversion rates.

Luckily, with responsive web design a company can convert users at a much higher rate. Of course, there may be other metrics at play, but the design of a site will, without a doubt, have an effect in the rates of conversion. With responsive web design, a site owner will make the customer happy. Unfortunately, a lot of websites do not make the customers happy, and the visitors leave for a site that is easier to navigate. With responsive web design, a site will be easier to navigate, and the site will make more sense. In the long run, this will result in a huge spike in the conversion rate of the website.

It Will Cost You Less

Changing the layout or code of a website takes a lot of time and money. When designed right the first time, a business will save a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners learn the hard way as they do not have the site designed in an efficient manner. In many cases, a site owner will demolish their site and start over as it takes longer to clean up a site with poorly written code. As mentioned earlier, an entrepreneur must think of both the short and long term future of a website. Web designers will come and go, and technologies will change quickly; it is crucial to have the ability to make changes to a website as market conditions may require. One must remember; responsive web design techniques may take longer and cost more to implement in the short run; in the long run a site owner will save a lot of money and resources.


Most e-commerce site owners neglect to set up a great site. When using the correct design and implementation principles, a site owner can gain a lot of traffic. It is crucial to think of every potential customer. Some customers will visit via cell phones and tablets while others may visit using outdated software or operating systems. A site owner must design a site for all visitors in mind; the site owner must also realize that the website is going to be in need of constant change.

New technologies and ideas are coming out quickly, and with responsive web design a site owner will be ready for whatever comes his or her way. While it may be more costly in the beginning; in the long run, an entrepreneur would make a wise investment by using the newest responsive web design techniques. A businesses owner will recoup the cost quickly.

Victor Daily is a tech blogger with years of experience in sharing useful tips and fresh news with his readers. He currently writes for Ninefold from Australia about Linux VPS and similar topics.
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