6 Best jQuery Books For Web Developers

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List of Best jQuery Books For JavaScript Developers

JQuery is open-source software which was first released in January 2006 and it is used most of the top visited websites. There are several books offered online which can be used by JQuery programmers to effectively use the features of the language and create plug-ins for JavaScript library. It is very easy to learn jQuery and to be proficient in the language using some of the acclaimed JQuery books. These books can also be used as a reference for advanced jQuery projects. Some of the most widely used JQuery books are listed below. (including free ebooks at the end of the post)

  1. JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual
  2. JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual The book provides a reference to create animated interactive WebPages having visual effects for web designing and collecting data from web pages in a simple way, which not only provides great information but saves a lot of our effort and time. Moreover, the language is so simple that even a nonprogrammer can understand it. The book teaches some basic ways of development in JavaScript and JQuery. The initial two parts are about JQuery and JavaScript. The third part informs about the images and navigations, and the fourth is on AJAX. In the end, the tips and tricks have been added.

  3. jQuery in Action, Second Edition
  4. jQuery in Action, Second Edition The book provides expert guidance and minute details related to writing code of JQuery and JavaScript. At the outset, a number of downloadable learning tools have been added. This is a book for both novice and experienced programmers. However, there are certain JQuery codes for which the book does not provide a straightforward explanation. There are many variations of examples in AJAX. What’s more, the book helps to transverse HTML documents, render animations and handle events.

  5. jQuery Pocket Reference
  6. jQuery Pocket Reference The book is a great help designed for the purpose of write-less-do-more. The chapters are backed by highly interesting explanations which serve as a great reference in JQuery development. It is a powerful reference book which eases the developmental process as well. It is portable, has a convenient size and provides an easy understanding of JQuery code. Additionally, it provides many examples to support the information. Developers who want to learn the language from the ground level can get all information from this book, as it provides all fundamental information related to jQuery.

  7. jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers (Animal Guide)
  8. jQuery Cookbook: Solutions & Examples for jQuery Developers (Animal Guide) The book provides in-depth guidance about the rich web-fonts in an easy manner, providing learning patterns of 19 leading developers in jQuery to ensure convenient and high-performance UI development for websites, component development, and application development. The book is also a good source of information for newcomers in jQuery. Furthermore, it provides numerous examples which can be used for developmental purpose mainly for entry-level developers. The chapters start from the basics and cover large projects at the end.

  9. jQuery UI 1.8: The User Interface Library for jQuery
  10. jQuery UI 1.8: The User Interface Library for jQuery The book has 14 chapters and 400 pages on JQuery. It gives easy methods of development and helps to speed up writing in JavaScript. It is highly helpful to people working in web development projects in JQuery, CSS, and JavaScript as it provides a step-by-step guide for the implementation and customization of library components, and the related resources to help the readers to learn a lot about JQuery. The example code in UI widgets section is backed by screenshots and visual help as well. The method given to design the user interface, questions related to the widgets and styling is highly revealing too.

  11. jQuery: Novice to Ninja
  12. jQuery: Novice to Ninja The book offers downloadable source code from a website and there are around 200 examples of creating CSS, JS, and HTML codes. These are short files which provide information from the basics to cover the higher levels. The book offers you a few free chapters as well, providing a sneak peek into the contents of the book.

    +3 Bonus Free jQuery eBooks

  13. Essential JavaScript And jQuery Design Patterns
  14. It is amazing that users can even get free books on JQuery. This book provides fantastic literature about the design pattern and it can be downloaded in ePub format and PDF formats; what’s more, the link provides you free download of this book!

  15. jQuery Fundamentals
  16. The book offers a number of chapters and code examples for the front-end developer. It gives an overview of jQuery JavaScript library and there are several code examples from basic to higher levels. There are eleven chapters in all and the examples help to strengthen your jQuery fundamentals. You can download the free book from the above link.

  17. Official jQuery Documentation
  18. The official jQuery documentation is a good starting point for you to learn jQuery. It also contains a lot of reference links for you to get to speed and find community help.

Best jQuery Books

The above-given list of JQuery books is some of the most widely used reference books which are designed with the purpose to make the lives of developers easy through a range of code examples and references.

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